Little Lovely

This little lovely is 14 months old! It blows my mind, but here we are...

Rose's personality has really shined in the last few months and would best be described as EXTRA SWEET AND FEISTY. By feisty, I mean she is determined, strong willed, confident, opinionated, and LOUD. She is one tough little girl and doesn't let anybody easily push her around. She can also have a temper, and will lash out in anger with a swat or a bite (yikes!). We've been working on it and she seems to have moved past that stage. Thankfully, she is mostly extra sweet and good-natured and especially easy going with things like sleeping, eating, traveling, and playing with other kids.

This girl has chords. She will scream bloody murder if a). she doesn't want you touching her b). she sees something exciting  c). she wants to nurse d). she wants something she can't have,  or my personal favorite... e). just for the heck of it.  It is a really beautiful sound... not. 

Lately her words are: dada, shoes, no, k, ya, uh-oh, doh-doh (for baby or doggy). She used to be able to say mama and hasn't said it in awhile. Despite her lack of talking she is pretty good at communicating and will point to things and shake her head yes and no. She understands a ton and will do a lot of things we ask her to go do (shut the door, throw things away, go get a diaper, etc.)

She is strong and surprisingly coordinated at such a small age. She will climb up on all sorts of furniture to get things and has really good balance. One of her favorite tricks is to stand up and balance on top of Hans' lightning mcqueen four wheeler (video below).

She had her first haircut a couple weeks ago! We got rid of the little mullet that was forming and she looks so cute with her current little bob.

She can go up and down the stairs and so we've allowed her to explore the basement which has been pretty funny to see her excitement at this whole new world opened up to her where all of the toys are kept. She loves following her brothers around and playing with them. I foresee a little tom-boy in the making. Meanwhile, I balance that out with dresses and bows so she's the perfect mix :)

She loves babies and doggies, especially her stuffed animal doggy that she sleeps with. She loves music and dancing, and she'll walk right up to Frankie's alexa and try to yell "Alexa!" to get her to play something. Or she'll find it and try to plug it in by herself. She loves reading books, being outside, playing with other kids, exploring and getting into things (which can sometimes be pretty comical - like watching her try to open a can of play-doh, grunting and scrunching her face up).

Rosie is funny! She has such a silly sense of humor and will get me genuinely laughing at things. She is such a goofball and loves to get her family smiling and giggling. She is also really ticklish and has the best laugh.

I may have mentioned this before, but she shares a room with Hans and it is the best. They are seriously the cutest in there together. They usually fall right to sleep but on occasion they will stay up for a few minutes, chatting and giggling, and it makes my heart want to explode.

We sure love this darling, funny little girl!



The start of a new year is always pretty exciting, but the level of excitement starting off 2018 in our home was off the charts. First of all, Steve got a new job! He was hired as the BYU Womens Soccer Assistant Coach. This is a great opportunity for him and I know he's going to be amazing. On top of that, he was also awarded Girls Competitive Coach of the Year for UYSA. It's been really fun as his wife to watch him grow and develop his passion and talent for coaching soccer, specifically womens soccer. He works so hard and is really talented and I just really admire him and all that he does... #1 fan over here :)

Equal parts exciting and also sad/hard was sending my brother off on his 2 year mission to Cambodia. He will be in the missionary training center (MTC) in Provo for the first 6 weeks, and we said goodbye to him last week. I am really really proud of him for deciding to go on a mission. Ryan is my baby brother, so saying goodbye to him was probably the hardest goodbye I've ever done for any of my brothers. I feel a motherly instinct over him especially, and he's been living in Provo for the last couple of years, so saying goodbye was extra bittersweet. I'm going to miss seeing him all the time, but I'm so excited for the experiences and growth he will no doubt have and I'm excited for him to meet the Cambodian people and share the joy with them that only the Gospel can bring. 

Other exciting happenings this month included our trip down to Vegas for a quick weekend as we tagged along with Steve for soccer, having a snowfall here in Provo and taking full advantage by playing in it any chance we had before it all melted, having my parents in town as Ryan received his own endowment in the temple, going to Ryan's setting apart as a missionary, attending Elyse's cheer competition, spotlighting Vinny in class for his VIP week, Mag Chix movie night to go see The Greatest Showman, an overnight getaway with Steve in Midway as we attended the UYSA gala for him to accept his award (technically in february but I'm going to clump it in here anyway!), and lots of family time with the kids. January was a good one! 

and as usual, some iPhone pics...

Etta was in town for a week and these girlies tried to squeeze in as much time as possible with her!

Rosie loves babies and wearing this little backpack around the house. I need to do a  more detailed update of Rose lately. 

She also loves wearing her brother's underwear! She kept trying to put it on by herself and was sooo giddy when I finally helped her get it on. 

I always feel a little bad when it comes time to tear these down and throw them away. I love getting everyone's beautiful family christmas cards each year. 

Rosie and her doggy 

Happened upon this sweet little scene at Grandma's house. Jayne is the best big sis!


This girl gives us a run for our money... she is seriously nuts but is also the cutest funniest bug ever.

Bittersweet goodbye to Aunt Kate who is living in London for the next 6 months as a nanny for the cutest family 

Finding gems like this on my phone... photo cred to Frankie

Frankie selfie :)

My baby girl is getting HUGE! (wahhhh)

This picture hardly does enough justice but she was COVERED head to toe in peanut butter after our drive home from Vegas. We kept handing her peanut butter balls throughout the drive. 

Cousin time with Jordy 

Cheeser. Also, Jayne dressed her this day head to toe in PINK!D

I took Rose with me to run an errand at Old Navy and she kept obsessing over the dog on display when you first walk in. So before we left I let her see it, and she kept petting him and jibber jabbering. It was so sweet. 

Sweet love note from Vinny 

Took the little ones to the byu bookstore to get some byu gear for Steve's dad and Rose was freaking out about the cougar stuffed animals. She had a serious death grip with each one in hand. 

Future cougars 

Vinny's VIP week at school! This was while everyone in his class was singing the special VIP song. Then we talked about Vinny, showed some pictures of him as a baby, everyone could ask questions, and we played the "leader game" that Vinny loves. He also found out he has the same birthday as his teacher! We love our Vinny! 

Checked out the new exhibit at the Bean Museum. 

Snowball fights with Papa!

I am so sad that the snow is gone. We got so jipped this year when it comes to snow!

Cute as ever wearing my Danish snow hat 

Rose was a little unsure of what to do after I set her down in her snow gear

Rose and Grandma! Vinny and Jayne went with them to see the Chinese Acrobats at BYU

Rose puts up with a lot from her older siblings. 

My wake up call every morning!

The cutest faces waiting to chat with Aunt Kate 

Uncle Taylor leant his tent so the kids could have a sleepover together in the basement. They were so sweet all bundled up together. 

Walks with this babe around the neighborhood!

Loved going to the temple with my baby brother! How is he so grown up already?!

Ryan is one of Rosie's favorites but I think she'll be glad to get a break from the overload of kisses thrown on her ;)

Love having this little nugget with me everyday 

I love her!

My baby sis is grown up!!! We went to her basketball performance and her cheer competition the next day. It's so fun to see her perform, she is awesome!

Heading into the church for Ryan to get set apart as a missionary! 

We celebrated with ice cream at mcdonald's after (his choice) and apparently had some really funny conversation (adam, lol ;) 

Quick cousin shot before dropping Ryan off at the MTC!

Provo gals with Elder Richards 

Poor Elyse... she had a rough time after saying goodbye, it was really sweet. Granted they are the two youngest and really close and if she serves a mission (which she plans to) then they may not see each other for THREE years! 

Ryan was home in Maryland a few days before to give his farewell talk at my parents ward (his homeward) and so my parents said goodbye to him from there instead of flying out to Utah. So we facetimed my mom for the drop off at the MTC. Unfortunately we had no service once we drove down into the underground parking where they drop off, but we made sure to take some video for her and my dad. 

It was harder to say goodbye than I anticipated! Sure love this guy so much and I miss him already!

I can't remember when I took this but it's a cute one!

UYSA Awards Ceremony dinner. It was so fun to have a night away and celebrate this cutie!

So proud of him and his accomplishments!

Way to go Steve!