December Sibling Sunday

Their smiles and Hans' boogers lol

in our matching faux fur... and she wanted to stick her tongue out like this in every photo i tried to take of us lol



It was so magical waking up to inches of fresh powder one Sunday morning

The kids were so excited and couldn't wait to play in it after church

Jayne is the best big sis and took Rose sledding and played with her in the snow

The gumbi suit lives on!

love them

Pretty girl by the Christmas tree 

Grandma Middie gave us this musical horse and Rose loved turning it on and dancing her little heart out to it. She loves to sing jingle bells and would belt out the words even if a different Christmas song was playing. 

Tested out a new recipe. Chocolate pie crust with chocolate peppermint cream filling and peppermint cream cheese whipped cream. Yum. 

Gingerbread house decorating with Grandma!

Hansie was so into it and being so cute and particular with each decision

Date night with my handsome Vinny to get some steak tacos!

With no fireplace we had to get a little creative ;)

Jayne's choir performance. Rose was so cute waving and yelling her name!

My girls!

Hans' preschool Christmas program. He didn't get scared this year at all! He was so brave and did such a great job!

Date night

We went to the curiosity museum a couple different times in the later afternoon/early evening and were practically the only ones there. It was awesome!

Christmas in Color!

BYU Christmas Party 

Was so nice to get dressed up and eat a delicious meal. Felt like Thanksgiving all over again. 

It's been a great year with the program! 

My friend texted me this picture when she spotted Dad and Jayne on their date night to BYU basketball. So cute 

Had lots of doctor appointments hauling these crazy kids along. They get so excited for the lollypops and smarties each time we go. 

Jayne was lucky to attend Wizard of Oz with Kate and her friend Katie

Frank's Christmas Program 

Love that handsome boy so much

After the program all the parents came to the classroom to see some of the stuff they've been working on. Frankie was so excited to show off his "community" he made with some other students. 

Took Jayne to see The Nutcracker with Kim, Ellie, Crystal and her girls

I love these two have stayed close friends since they were babies!!!

Rosie wanted to bring all her things to my doctor's appointment one day. She was so obsessed with that necklace she picked out of Grandma's drawer. 

My brother brought over these VR goggles and it was hysterical seeing the kids with them on and hearing their commentary 

Our sweet Frankie had a little scare at school one day. He fell off the monkey bars and hit his head pretty hard - enough to make him pass out twice after. We had to take him to the ER to run some tests. Thankfully everything came back clear! He just had a concussion and needed rest. He was being such a good sport with all the things they had to do and we were so glad everything turned out OK. 

These boys love falling asleep in our bed

Rosie's 2 year old stats. My  kids always have similar percentages - low weight, average height, and a huge head!

Sweet sleeping Frankie after a rough day. He had tantrum after tantrum and we just had to kind of let him do his thing because I really think part of it was his brain still trying to heal from the day before hitting his head and he just needed some major rest. Sweet boy. 

Jayne at her school choir assembly

She grabbed Vinny's backpack, put it on, opened the door, and said "bye mom! i going to school!"

Came down one early morning to see this happening! The boys got their own breakfast and were eating by lantern light. It was so funny and so cute. 

Annual Porter Family Christmas Party! They do a nativity after dinner and it's so fun to see all the kids participate. 

Like father like son :)

Rosie girl ready for our adventure up to salt lake!

Took the kids on the trax to eat dinner up in salt lake and to walk around the lights at temple square 

This girl was quite the handful on the train ride, never wanting to sit still, running back and forth from me and Steve and always goofing around. 

So for Christmas, Steve made coupon books for all the kids. Things like staying up an hour later, taking their own bath in our big tub, getting checked out of school to go to lunch, date with mom or dad, etc. They are such a hit. Frankie couldn't wait to cash in his "breakfast in bed" coupon and was loving life watching a show while eating in my bed. He smiled so big when I brought up the tray and said with a big smile, "I can't believe this is my first time having breakfast in bed." 

We went with Steve's family to see all the lights at Luminaria at Thanksgiving Point. It was really fun!

They even had a reindeer which Rose was especially fascinated by

We got donuts and hot chocolate mid way through and warmed up by their fires

Jayne was being so sweet while walking through the sculptures of Christ's ministry. She asked me to take a picture of her and Rose wanted to jump in too. After I took this picture Jayne whispered to me,
"When I held his hand it felt sort of warm like I was really holding Jesus' hand."

Passed out hard on the way home

This boy had the biggest barf one night. He didn't even cry as we got him all cleaned up and back to sleep. I love him so much. 

Frankie cashed in his "date with mom" coupon and requested provo beach resort. He was being so funny and cute the whole time. We played croquet and then some of the arcade games. I'm glad we had a chance to do this before the baby comes.