Love List

Just a few things i've been loving lately and wanted to share with you:

1. Fall scents: this candle or simmer pot recipes

2. A roaring fire when we have no working fireplace, using this free app (lol it's the best!)

3. Michael Buble Christmas on Pandora (even before Thanksgiving! gasp!)

4. Listening to Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze: this one and this one for starters. I'm hooked!

5. This children's clothing line! I've gotten a few things and love them, and it's taking serious willpower not to binge their entire line for all my kids (thanks to #4)

6. This shampoo and conditioner (smells so good and makes me feel like I'm getting it washed at the salon)

7. Baby lips. I use it everyday and when I'm in a rush and don't have make up on, I rub it into my cheeks for blush. It's the best. 

8. This show on Netflix about the Unabomber

9. This cream sauce recipe from my friend Ashley. I put it on baked salmon every week and my kids say it is their favorite meal. I'll also double it and use it on a lb. of farfalle with grilled chicken. So simple and delish (sometimes I omit the lemon): 
1/2 TB. olive oil
1 minced clove garlic
1 cup heavy cream
1 lemon
1 ts. salt
1/2 ts. pepper

Heat olive oil in pan.  Add minced garlic and cook 1 min. on low.  Add the heavy cream, juice and some zest from the lemon, salt, pepper.  Bring to a boil, then simmer 15 min. until it thickens.

plus Rosie girl in her big girl sweater and walking shoes!....


Sibling Sunday (10/29)

I forgot to post these photos from a couple Sundays ago.  This particular Sunday was the Primary Program at church. It was so fun to watch the kids say their parts and sing their songs. I was especially proud of Frankie who days prior, really did not want to participate, but on the day of he did great! At the end, everybody sang "I'm trying to be like Jesus" and it was neat to listen to the words as the entire congregation sang all together with the Primary children. It really made me think about how we are all here trying each day to follow Christ and His example. Despite our best efforts, we all have fallen short and make mistakes, and therefore, we are all dependent on the atonement. Yet, how often do we expect perfection from others or get easily offended? How quick are we to judge someone's choices or intentions? What standard do we hold to those we know or even love while we too fall short? Most of us are just trying our best, and I think that's a good reminder. 


Rose Frances at 11 months!

I can't believe this little sweetie pie will be a year in just a few weeks! She is getting to be such a big girl but still our little baby. These 11 months have been such a delight with her in our lives. Here are 11 things about our Rosie girl at 11 months old: 

1. So close to walking! She can stand up all by herself without using anything, will take a few steps, falls over, and then repeats the process. 
2. Super curious, wiggly, and full of energy. I remember Jayne at this age would sit still and content in one place for awhile. Not Rose! She loves to explore, open drawers, put everything into her mouth, try and climb up on things (already!), and figure out all her surroundings. 
3. Can say "bye", "mama", "dada", "dotta" for her baby, "no"... loves to babble with her own baby language so I'm sure she'll be a chatty one. 
4. Has the funniest fake laugh and fake cry and will bust both of them out frequently throughout the day. 
5. Is super affectionate and gives lots of kisses and hugs and snuggles.
6. Prefers mama over most people, unless Daddy (or uncle tay-tay) is around.
7. Goes to bed without a fuss but sometimes struggles going down for naps if she knows people are around and playing. She doesn't like to miss out! I remember Jayne being this way too as a baby so it's funny to see similarities. 
8. Loves to be outdoors and gets so excited anytime we take her outside, and LOVES water! She is a little fish when we take her swimming. Steve and I will pass her back and forth under the water at the pool and she thinks it's hilarious! 
9. Eats mostly anything and everything and still loves to nurse which makes me happy. The funniest was when we gave her a sip of Martinelli's for the first time... the carbonation totally threw her off guard and she spit the whole thing out so fast. 
10. Has two teeth, prettiest light brown shade of hair, gorgeous grey/amber/blue eyes, cutest dimple on her cheek, long black eyelashes. 
11. Has the sweetest and happiest demeanor/personality. 


T H R E E !

Today was a long time waiting for our Hansie boy. He has been talking about his birthday and turning three for many months now! His birthday wishes kept changing leading up to the big day, from wanting a dinosaur party at the dinosaur museum, to wanting a Pokemon party at the tumble gym, to wanting a Spiderman party at home... and when we thought we had settled on an idea, his last minute request was a rainbow party! Not to be confused with simply rainbow colors... he wanted actual rainbows! Haha! And when you are turning three in our household you pretty much get whatever kind of party you want because turning three is one of the best ages ever when it comes to birthdays, so rainbow party he had!

The excitement on the morning of his birthday could hardly be contained!


Jayne and I created this balloon rainbow the night before, and sadly the inner balloons that were blown up smaller started looking pretty pathetic the next morning, haha. Hans still thought it was the best so I'll take that as a win! 

Birthday boy looking so handsome in his new birthday sweater from Gigi

If anyone in our family has the best facial expressions, it's Hans

That smile... haha, I hope it never changes!

Today was also a very big day for Hans because it was also his FIRST DAY OF PRESCHOOL! He has probably been looking forward to this moment with more anticipation than his actual birthday. Going to the same school as his big brother Frankie has become a dream come true. I wish all of you could have experienced the joy that emanated from this kid all day!!! 

He wanted me to take some pics of his tricks...

like running!

And showing me how he can do "three" with his fingers!

and of course, a thumbs up!

Frankie came out and asked if he could take some pictures with him too which was really sweet and of course I obliged!

I said "Ok now look at each other!" 

And then I jokingly said, "and now kiss!" thinking they would say no! and laugh... but what do you know, they both went in for it!! haha

The best was their silly reaction after, yelling "gross!" as they wiped their mouths as if they'd kissed..... their brother on the lips? 

Oh gosh, I love them so much

After preschool, I took Hans and Frankie and their cousin Emory to the tumble gym to play for an hour, and then back to our house to meet up with big siblings and more family for rainbow donuts, singing, and opening gifts! 

Provo bakery making rainbow bday wishes come true 

At three years old: 

- speaks in the sweetest, high pitched voice and also likes to talk REALLY LOUD!
- is getting super independent and loves doing things by himself like getting dressed, putting his shoes on, brushing his teeth, or getting his own food
- loves to sing and i'll often find him humming some tune around the house
- admires his big brothers so much 
- is really sweet with Rose but definitely owning his big brother role in a not so fun way too (likes to tease her and when he gets caught he'll instantly say, "I said sorry!" as if that makes it all okay) 
- When he doesn't get his way he'll ever so sweetly ask, "how about tomorrow then can I?" or "next time can we?" or something along those lines and it's seriously killer. 
- loves cars, pokemon, the sharer brothers (loves to say "share the love" and show me his love sign with his hand, or sing their new song)
- loves to ride his bike outside
- loves to play soccer 
- is just an all around good and easy kid. for the most part really good mannered and easy going. so fun to be around. 
- super snuggler and gives the best loves. 
- loves to give the prayer and loves to always be included in everything 
- goes to bed without a single fuss (he could teach his big sibs a thing or two)
- loves mac n cheese (it was his bday dinner request), yogurt, cereal.. he'll eat most foods

I'm sure I will come back and add more to this list as they come to mind, but I'll just end it by saying that this kid really is the best. Everybody loves Hans and I'm just the luckiest to get to be his mom.

Happy Birthday Hansie!!!!