Piggies 🐷 🐷

Couldn't resist testing out teeny (tiny) piggies on little Miss Rose one morning..... 

Her expression here makes me lol

....is it too soon?

Even better was her hair when I took them out 😂


FHE Blessings

Once a week we have Family Home Evening (FHE) where we get together as a family (typically Monday night) for a gospel-centered lesson, activity, and usually some sort of treat at the end (which also serves as great leverage to get the little ones to listen:) We always start with our FHE song and family prayer, and this week Jayne planned and gave our FHE lesson. She read a scripture about repentance and then held a game where she would ask a question and we had to point to whether it was something Satan or Jesus would want us to do. We talked about how we usually know what Jesus wants us to do, but more importantly we need to DO what we know Jesus wants us to do, and when we fail, we can repent and try again. 

Too often our family nights don't go as smoothly as I'd like them to, and there was definitely a transition when our children were younger where we really struggled at being consistent and keeping it a priority, but I can tell you that I have noticed a big difference in our home since we've resolved to be consistent, even if it's thrown together last minute. I want my kids to love Jesus Christ and His gospel, and to have an equally strong love and appreciation for their family, and I believe the lessons and experiences that have the greatest impact on them are the ones that we provide in our very own home... I have to remind myself that they don't have to be perfect - often times it's just the small simple discussions and activities we do together as a family that are leaving the biggest mark on them. 

We are promised blessings from faithfully committing to family home evening each week - love and peace at home will increase, obedience and appreciation to parents will increase, family unity strengthened, faith and testimony will be developed, and best of all, Heavenly power will shower your children from above to combat the evil influences and temptations they will face in their lives.

You don't have to be mormon to have your own FHE. Just taking the time each week to intentionally be together as a family and teaching your children uplifting truths and lessons about life will strengthen your family in many ways.

"We cannot afford to neglect this heavenly inspired program. It can bring sprititual growth to each member of the family, helping him or her to withstand the temptations which are everywhere. The lessons in the home are those that last the longest." President Thomas S. Monson

Resource to FHE lessons we use here.

After our lesson, we biked down to the school playground to run around, swing on the swings, and race bikes. We came home and ate brownies before saying our family prayer and tucking everyone into bed. Nights like these leave me feeling especially grateful for my children and my husband and the life we are creating together. It's such an honor to be a parent and get a small glimpse of the love our Heavenly Father has for us as we are all His children. Life is good!!!




Josh and Marina Wedding

We went to a super fun wedding last weekend for our friend Josh James and his fiance Marina Bardin. Steve and Josh met several years ago when he began coaching his daughter Mattie on his soccer team. They've stayed in touch since, but it was still such a surprise and honor to be invited to his wedding! It was held on his gorgeous property in alpine... acres and acres of mature trees, running riverbeds, hedge mazes, flowerbeds, etc. It was beautiful! This wedding was like no other wedding we have been to, in that it started off with what they called a "Pregame" before the actual wedding ceremony with various events and performers throughout the grounds (Josh is the founder and CEO of Domo and doesn't mess around when it comes to a party!). You could pick and choose which events you wanted to go to - Knife jugglers, contortionists, NYC street performers, Opera singer, dueling harps, Brazilian fighting, musical performances, and more. We got there kind of late after Steve's soccer game, so we didn't get to see many of them, but we heard they were all incredible.

The coolest part of the wedding was when Josh surprised Marina during his vows with a live performance by Colbie Caillat. She performed "Bubbly" since it was Josh's song for Marina that he felt like best describes how he feels about her. After she performed, Steve leaned over to me and was like, "Do they have secret service at their wedding or something?" and sure enough a second later, the Governor of Utah Gary Herbert walks down to perform the wedding and we were both like, "Yup!" Haha.

Marina looked stunning in her wedding dress and Josh is one of the few people that could pull off a velvet tux! His Dad and the father-of-the-bride wore black sequined tuxes too. The ceremony was really beautiful with a sunset backdrop and a 12 string quartet. After the ceremony everyone gathered for cocktail hour and you could sign your own love lock and link it on a gate they had displayed. Dinner was delicious and beautiful with tons of twinkle lights draping the tent. Colbie Caillat came out and performed 6 or 7 more hits (one with Josh!) and everyone could come up and dance during (my personal favorite part of the night!). After dinner they directed everyone down to a Las Vegas themed club with more food and drinks, and professional photos, and dancing! It was an incredible night!

Marina is from Brazil so they had a Brazilian section with Paella food and Brazilian dancers

Gorgeous set up in front of their own home!

Mattie is on her mission in Japan so they printed this cutout of her to have at the wedding

Before the actual ceremony, a friend of theirs gave a speech and some marital advice. The gist was basically "a happy wife = a happy life" :)

Colbie :)

On their property they have this adorable Lord of the Rings inspired hobbit house with an underground tunnel that takes you back to the house and into the movie theater room! 

Aside from an outdoor pool with incredible slides, their property also has so many fun aspects like this custom slide and huge swings and a whole section of in ground trampolines. Basically a kids (and adult's, let's be real) dream.

The lighting with these pictures don't really do it justice but it was beautiful!

I prepped Steve beforehand that I was probably going to be taking a LOT of pictures and he was good about letting me go to town with no complaints :)

A Colbie sandwich with the bride and groom! :)

Shout out to my little sister Elyse for completely styling me for this evening. She did my hair and even let me wear her brand new homecoming dress and shoes (I had something else planned and when she saw what I planned she was all "NO. You are not wearing that" and proceeded to dress me up in her own stuff. She's the best.)



My Grandma turned 92 last week! 92!!! We celebrated by gathering for a family dinner in her honor at our home on Sunday with all my siblings that live here. The weather was so lovely so we decided to take all the tables outside so we could have more space as we live in a very small rental. It was really pleasant and so special to all be together with my grandparents. They are surprisingly sharp and youthful for their age... they can remember stories from their past in such detail and always have the best ones to share.
During dinner I asked my Grandma, "If you could leave your posterity with one message, what would it be?" Her answer, "Follow the prophet and read your scriptures everyday." My Grandma has always had a burning testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel and it resonates from her and my Grandpa every day. They are pretty incredible. Also, I told my Grandma I really hope my hair goes white instead of grey - I think her white hair is amazing!

Courtesy of Jayne

Who knew she considered me a chef?! 

Sweet Rosie girl with her sweet potatoes

Gah! I love her

My Grandma was so sweet and got so emotional holding Rose. She said, "She isn't even going to remember me when I die" and I told her, "Yes she will because you'll live to be 100 and you'll be at her baptism!" And I truly believe that. 

I love that these kids will have photos to look back on with their GREAT Grandparents

After my grandparents left, we went on a wonderful evening bike ride with our little family

Rose could hardly contain her excitement she was SO excited to ride in the bucket bike! This girl lives for the outdoors. 

This simple scene right here holds my heart.... I told the kids that when I was a young girl, one of the things I day-dreamed about was riding bikes with my own kids someday, and that I was so happy that dream was now a reality. I remember going on bike rides in Maryland with my family and it was an activity I really cherished because it was an activity we could all do together. I love when we are all doing something together, and it really is my happy place just being with my little family doing the simplest things. They are everything to me.

I think we found our new Sunday evening tradition!