Month of March

The boys are playing in the SNOW as I type this. We got about 5 inches last night, two days after a sunny 70 degree weather day. Utah weather is so unpredictable, but the kids really love the snowy surprises. Even Vinny wanted to stay home from school so he could play in it. Meanwhile, I am still in my cozy pajamas catching up on home stuff and trying not to care that it's the middle of April. Ive learned not to expect any consistent warm weather until the middle of May. One more month! We can do this. 

Until then... let's relive the month of March!

Tay Tay took Hans and Frankie on a hike up the Y 

Took the kiddos to the curiosity museum. This girl was especially loving it!

Sisters on the bench. Can you tell which one dressed herself this morning? ;)

Rosie's all "I'm not at all related to this girl trying to sit next to me...." 
lol, jk Jayne! :)

Vinny loves playing chess (he learned at the lake last summer)

Spiderman had a grand entrance at Emory's Elsa party!

We stopped by dad's work to get some snacks and check out his new office 

Go Steve!

The kids think his office (i.e. free snacks?!) is pretty much the coolest place ever. 

Jayne asked me to teach her step by step how to make my peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (her absolute favorite cookie) so she could make them all by herself. She wrote down all the instructions the way she wanted to remember, and has since made them a few times completely on her own from start to finish! It's so nice to have someone else doing the baking for once over here :)

Date night bbq 

Rose stats at 15 months

Stopped by Jayne's Hopi presentation at school! She literally did the entire project by herself and got an A! Way to go Jayne!

My favorite was her little art mural at the bottom of the poster

I celebrated my 32nd bday at my favorite restaurant

Watched the BYU girls soccer game and goofed around on the field after

I wouldn't be surprised if this one ends up being our soccer star 

Snuggled right to sleep on me one late morning and it was heavenly 

Always up to something

Walking to the lot with Grandma after sunday dinner at our home

The amazing grasshopper cake Monette made for my bday 

Vinny lost his two front teeth and looks as cute as ever

We went to Vegas to visit family while Steve had soccer games. My friend Shannon also came to visit and drove down with me (since Steve flew with the team) and it was the best to catch up with her and hang out! 

My brother's new pool provided endless entertainment for the kiddos

St Patty's day art from all the cousins (we had ALL the cousins together over one weekend!)

My cute nephew Nathan jumping in my shot of the kids during Frankie's bday party. But it turned out really cute of him! :)

One of the best things about going to visit Vegas with my sisters is eating out at some great restaurants sans kids in the evening! 

My gorgeous pregnant sisters Jen and Lauren

pretty flowers from my sweet friend for my bday 

Jayne's homemade leprechaun trap! She lured them in with rainbows, and put tape on the outside of the door so that when the leprechaun shuts the door, he gets stuck inside. Despite her creativity, they are trickier than that and still managed to escape!

Harv and Hans

Crystal threw Savannah the most adorable "Greatest Showman" themed bday party 

All the bearded ladies :) 

This funny girl at the play place living and LOVING life

Looks like she's singing "Figaro! Figaro!" while trying to summon her brothers who were way up high!

Loves buckling things and pushing her mini stroller around

Took some cute shots of this strawberry girl one day

Can I please have more of her?

Jayne did a great job singing in her choir concert!

Attempts were made at a sister photo per Jayne's request 



Celebrated with some baskin robbins

Steve sent me this cute pic of our climber Vinny after soccer practice one day

We know a real BYU celebrity!!! Steve's cousin Brenna (Jayne's major girl crush)

Lastly, I'll end with some artsy b&w photos that Frankie took on my phone. These are just a handful of the 50 he took without me knowing. I'll title this montage "Real life"by Frankie:

That smile is the best