Little Red Riding Hood Musical (Jayne as the Granny!)

On Tuesday, Jayne performed in her second grade class musical as the Granny in The Little Red Riding Hood.  Everyone in the class had a part and was assigned a role by the teacher. Jayne was ecstatic to be chosen as the Granny. She practiced for weeks leading up to the big day, and would sing for any willing ears. I can't even begin to say how proud I am of this girl. I would have been sweating bullets and/or peed my pants at her age if I had to sing solo in front of this many people. She did so good! Her sweet little voice kills me. 

She instructed me to bring her beloved stuffed animal monkey to the play so he could watch it. Grandma gave him a clear view up high on her purse. 

This little nugget was super squirmy but did alright in a stuffy classroom for 45 min. The first thing Jayne wanted to do after the show was run over and grab her to show to all her friends. Her teacher first thought she was a baby doll and didn't realize she was real until she got closer. Jayne came home everyday the rest of the week proudly telling me that her friends would say how much they loved seeing her cute baby sister (the obsession is real;)

Gramma Middie came! She told Jayne, "Now you know what it feels like to be an old lady!" 

Granny and Grandma!

Jayne was very hopeful my sister Elyse would come see it. She skipped a little bit of school on her bday to come and it made Jayne's day! (Crystal, Savannah, Emory, Greta, Taylor, Steve, and Hans were there too. She's a lucky girl to have so many fans!;)

And of course... some video below!


My Lemon Squeezy

I freaking love her.


Sundays and a Double Rainbow!

We love our Sundays together as a family. We enjoy going to church, serving in our callings, and learning more about and drawing nearer to our Savior Jesus Christ. It is a welcome reprieve from the busy tasks of the week. After church we eat a yummy lunch, sometimes take naps, or play games with the kids, or simply just RELAX. In the evening, we love going to Alpine to have Sunday dinner with Steve's family. We eat a delicious meal and get to spend time with more loved ones that we don't typically see often. We also get to celebrate birthdays together (like we did for Josephine this particular day!). It's always a highlight of our week!

I gave, I mean, Vinny gave his first talk in primary on Sunday ;)  It was conditional upon me standing beside him and whispering a line at a time in his ear. His voice was barely audible. But for a kid who fears the spotlight more than anybody I know, it was a great effort.

Frankie also gave the sweetest comment in primary. The teacher asked, "How does the Holy Ghost make you feel?' Frankie raised his hand and after being called on said, "Jesus Christ is nice to us." She then asked, "How does that make you feel?" to which he said "Happy." He's right. 

On our way home from Sunday dinner we spotted a double rainbow!


Saturday Performances!

The preschool program always seems to fall on the same day as Jayne's dance performance (weekend before memorial weekend) making for one very busy but also very entertaining Saturday! 

Frankie's preschool Spring Program was held at the beautiful entrance of Rock Canyon. I can't imagine a prettier spot in Provo to have it. The backdrop is unreal! We lucked out with incredible weather - sunny, but not too hot. They even surprised everyone with a dove release at the end- magic! Frank did much better this go around too, no tears, and was in a good mood, although he preferred to just stand there with his hands in his pockets, mostly zoned out, occasionally moving his lips to the songs. Baby steps. He did look heartbreakingly handsome with his new haircut though. 

Jayne's ballroom dance performance was great! I'm so proud of her and her desire to try new things. She hardly ever fears her ability to do something she hasn't done before. I love and really admire that about her. She was so cute shaking her (non-existent) bum and hips on stage. I linked a video of it below! 

model behavior ;)

Frankie with his cousin Emory. These two are the cutest cousin pair. 

The sun was bright, sorry Em!

Pre-dance jitters!

I had to snap a picture of this little boy who did his whole dance routine rocking a leather jacket and a binky in his mouth. Haha. Props to his mom for not caring what other people think and just giving the little guy the comfort he needs to get on stage. :)

Jayne was thrilled her Grandma and Aunt Kate could come! Her cousin Emory also danced in the same performance so it was nice to have so much family there.