Love List

A list of things I'm loving lately...

1. My little brother Adam is home from his mission in Taiwan and staying with us until school starts at the end of the month. It's the best. We'll work out together, do scripture study, he'll make the best turkey avocado sandwiches for lunch, we'll play games and stay up late chatting. I'm 10 years older than him but now that he's all grown up the gap seems so much smaller. I love it!

2. Like I mentioned in number one, I've been working out more lately and it feels SO good. I had gotten in such a rut and dreaded working out. But now that I'm getting stronger, I crave it. I hope I can keep it up.

3. Getting to Facetime Katie, my best friend from high school who is getting married this summer and she asked me to be a bridesmaid! We haven't seen each other in 10 years!!! The last time we were together was when she came out to Utah to visit me shortly after I got married. We were babies. Catching up with her was the best thing ever. I can't wait for her wedding!

4. Steve bought this juicer a couple of months ago. I was really skeptical about investing in a juicer and thought for sure it would be a short lived interest and we'd be left with an expensive juicer we never use. Wrong! We've been juicing nearly every day (sometimes twice a day) and it's sooo good (and easy with hardly any prep at all!). We typically do cucumber, apple, celery, spinach, kale, romaine, ginger, carrots, lemon.

5. Rose..... I. can't. even. She killllllls me. I always say she's "so cute it makes me sick", lol. Lately she will prefer me holding her and will often fall asleep on me. In fact, she is currently sleeping on me AS I TYPE THIS (picture to prove). Probably because we've been partly co-sleeping since birth... which has been totally worth it. It is my favorite thing ever! Also, Steve and I are obsessed with getting her out of bed after naps because she'll give the biggest grin and start kicking her legs super fast. She's the yummiest thing alive.

6. Hans has been cracking us up lately. We'll sometimes call him "Boss baby" (b/c he reminds us of the baby in the movie) and he'll get so mad and say "No, YOU boss baby" or... he'll say, "Yeah I boss baby. Boss baby has a lot of money!" (he learned that from Frankie). Also, if you haven't seen Boss Baby, go see it. Even if you don't have kids. It's so funny!

7. I've been practicing being more "present" during the day and I'm feeling the benefits. For example, instead of letting my mind wander to what I need to get done while I'm nursing Rose, I'll just relax and try and focus on nursing. I'll take note of her soft skin, the way her eyes roll back as she's eating, how she crosses her little ankles, or how she'll stroke my skin with her hands. It's really relaxing and I'll try and do that with any activity I'm doing... just letting my brain remain in the moment instead of on overdrive thinking of all the things I need to get done. It really helps bring any stress levels down and keep my mind clear.

8. The sunshine! I try to take advantage once a day (if the weather allows) just sitting on our front porch in the sun, closing my eyes and just soaking in that Vitamin D! Even if its only 10 minutes, it feels so dang good. We have rain on the forecast for the next week so I am going to miss it.

9. I'm loving this coconut almond milk that tastes like gold and helps keep my milk supply up. The chocolate coconut almond milk is amazing too.

10. Bedtime with the kids. Usually I dread the whole ordeal (and I still sometimes do and make Steve do it if he's home) but I've made an effort to start earlier and take it slower and just enjoy it with them since I know that will be one of the things I will miss when they aren't little anymore and don't want me a part of their bedtime. We'll chat for a bit before they go to bed and thats my favorite part because they'll open up about things, especially Vinny and Jayne. Its pretty cute. Also, Frankie and Vinny have started having "sleepovers" together in one twin bed (they share the same room, but apparently thats not enough) and I find it adorable.


Back to blogging!

It feels so good to be back! My poor neglected blog... I've missed you. Blogging had been calling my name for months but Instagram felt so much easier that it sort of went to the wayside. Instagram is great, but the downside to it for me is I don't get the more detailed journaling I like to do without the underlying cons (like the worry of clogging people's feeds with pictures of my kids, or the pressure to see what everyone else is up to everyday. Not to mention how easy it is to mindlessly get on out of habit without even realizing the time vortex... or the occasional FOMO that can sneak in ;) It's been so refreshing to be off! The first few days I would find myself trying to open the (deleted) app without even thinking, like auto mode. It took a few days to quit that habit and it's amazing how much lighter and less foggy my mind feels now without the distraction.

I spent the last week playing catch up on my blog from the past year (you can find new posts in my archive). They are mostly clumps of photos and captions for each month or special holidays but it feels so good to finally have an organized place for them that my family can look back on. I love documenting our memories and things that interest me and I'm excited to be doing that again without any pressure.

I planned on making this blog private, but am going to keep it public for now. I feel a little vulnerable journaling out into the endless abyss of the internet. My instinct as I've gotten older and more jaded by the world is to form my own little bubble around those that I know and feel safe with. But I also love being inspired by others, and sharing things that inspire me, so I hope in some small way this place might offer that to others too. At the end of the day though, I blog for me. These are the memories I hold dear and want to keep forever (or at least until there is no more internet ;)

So here's to blogging again! If you ever have questions feel free to leave a comment or send me an email and I'll do my best to respond. Thanks for following along!


The day Jayne asked if I was the Easter bunny.

So we make it a point not to lie to our kids. We weren't always this way, for example, when Jayne and Vinny were little we used to tell them McDonalds was closed so they wouldn't whine about going there. Or that they might get sucked down the tub drain if they didn't get out when we needed them to, lol, you get the idea. But there came a point in time where we realized we couldn't exactly teach our kids the importance of telling the truth always, no matter what (which we've been taught and firmly believe in) if we were fibbing here and there just to get them to do things we wanted. It felt right to tell the truth, even if it made things harder.

With one exception, and that's holidays. Santa, Easter bunny, the Tooth Fairy... we play along with the myth because it's tradition and encourages the magic of the imagination, and I'm okay with that. I always figured that once they caught on, and genuinely questioned the facts, then we'd tell them. No big deal.

So last night, Jayne was looking at Easter pictures on my phone and turned to me and asked, "Mom, is the Easter bunny real? Or are you the Easter bunny?" 

I was totally caught off guard. "What do you think?" I asked. "I don't know" she said, "Are you? Did you set all the stuff out?" She seemed suspicious enough that I figured I'd tell her the truth. "Yes Jayne, the Easter bunny isn't real. We like to pretend to make it fun, but don't tell the others, okay?"

Her look of suspicion instantly changed to complete horror. Then, her eyes welled up and she started bawling. BAWLING!!!

"I always believed in the Easter bunny! I can't believe he's not real. I always thought he was real!" 

I said, "Jayne, its okay! The tradition is still real. You can help me keep the tradition real. It will still be so fun!" 

"No, it won't. It won't be fun because I'll always know it's you! It won't be a special tradition for me anymore" .... huge crocodile tears running down her cheeks.

She was silent for a moment, then, "Mom, are you Santa too?"

Oh no. I didn't have it in me. "No Jayne, I am not Santa."
(Technically not a lie, I'm her mom, not Santa;)

She seemed satisfied, and very much relieved, but then began sobbing again about the Easter bunny. Inconsolable, the girl could barely catch a breath!

I was so heartbroken for her. I could tell she wanted to believe. She wasn't ready and in an instant the magic of the Easter bunny had been dashed to pieces, her innocence taken away in such a fleeting moment. I couldn't take it anymore!

"Guess what Jayne?"


"I was just messing with you. I'm not the Easter bunny. The Easter bunny is real. I'm sorry that I tricked you."

(oh no, what did I just do??)

"Really?!" She perked up, tears stopped, a smile forming on her face.

"Yes, Jayne. Do you really think I would have been able to do all that without you seeing or knowing?? We live in a small house. Where would I even hide all the stuff? How would it all get set up like that while I was asleep? Remember the bunny bites on your notes? How would those get there??"

(Are they technically lies if asked in question form?)

Just like that she was smiling, complete relief written all over her face. She gave me the BIGGEST hug, and skipped out the door to play outside, happily back in her world of real Easter bunnies. 

I felt like the biggest imposter. Dang you, Easter Bunny for getting me caught in a web of lies!

I don't know how I'm gonna keep this up!


Happy Easter!


We are so grateful to know that Jesus Christ rose from the dead so we too could overcome death and live with these cuties forever!

I know that we can find true lasting peace only through our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Happy Easter!

We celebrated Easter morning with a hunt for baskets left by the Easter bunny. I love easter egg hunts but I think baskets are easier and less fuss (and fighting). I am loving the portrait lens on the iPhone. I can't even remember the last time I took out my big camera. It was fun taking some headshots of these cuties. Hans was killing me with his new "smile"and was cracking us all up. The kids kept saying he looked like a "little old man" in his church clothes. We had a great day at church honoring Jesus Christ and His ressurection.

The kids had an easter egg hunt in alpine that evening put on by Uncle Max and Aunt Kate. It was so fun watching them competitively search for the two golden eggs (found by Jayne and Hans). It was so sweet the effort they put into it for them. They loved it!

I hope your Easter Sunday was a good one!


Rose's Birth Story

Rose's due date was December 2nd but I could tell leading up to it that she was was bigger than my others and I probably wouldn't make it. I had never felt that uncomfortable before with any of my other pregnancies. At the same time though I didn't want to get my hopes up for an early birth so I just planned on the 2nd anyway. On Monday the 28th, I treated myself to a manicure and pedicure since at this point I was getting very little sleep, taking care of 4 kids while 9 months pregnant, and felt like I'd earned it;) My mom was in town at this point, everything was ready to go for baby, so it was just a waiting game. The pedicure felt amazing and I wonder if the foot massage is what triggered my labor to begin. It wasn't long after that I started having more noticeably tighter contractions. They weren't intense or consistent enough to go to the hospital, but it confirmed my belief that I was most likely not going to make it to my due date. That night we had a crazy snowstorm. We were thinking of driving to alpine to get a second car for my mom to use, but the roads were so bad that we thought it best not to brave the roads. We put the kids to bed and then went to bed ourselves. I sat up at about 1:30am with a big contraction that hurt. I timed them for a bit and then tried to go back to sleep. I woke up again at 3:30am with another huge contraction. I was hesitant to wake Steve since I wanted him to get as much sleep as possible to prepare for delivery. As I timed them they grew more consistent, intense, and when they were 4-5 minutes apart, I woke up Steve and we headed to the hospital at 4:30. We picked up my brother Ryan on the way so he could drive our car back home and watch the kiddos so my mom could join us at the hospital in the morning. I remember how pleasant the drive was. We were the only car in site while huge fluffy snowflakes were falling onto a few inches of fresh fallen powder. It was so pretty!

Everything at the hospital went smoothly. They checked me in around 5am and I was at a 5 1/2 dilation. Even though I wasn't in much pain, I got my epidural shortly after. At 8am I was at an 8 1/2 and the doctor arrived at that point and broke my water. We were ready to meet this baby! Crystal, Kate, and Monette came to watch the delivery as well. At around 8:40am I began pushing and after just a few short pushes she was born! She had dark brown hair and looked so much like Jayne as a baby. 

We initially named her Stevie after Steve. I had to do some serious convincing to get Steve on board. But it wasn't until she was born that it felt so weird to call her that.  Probably more for me than anybody else since I'm his wife, but it didn't feel right and I felt like we were forcing ourselves to try and like it. We had talked about calling her Evie or Stevie-Rose but then we found out from the kids that Evie was a popular Pok√©mon character, lol, but mainly it just didn't feel right either. We really liked Steve-Rose but quickly discovered that double names don't work very well - people don't catch on, and everyone would shorten it to Stevie so it didn't really solve the problem. It was seriously so stressful trying to figure out this baby's name. Rose was a name I fell in love with while living in Denmark looking at names when I was pregnant with Vinny but didn't know the gender yet and had always thought we'd use it if we had another girl. However, I grew hesitant because I felt like I had seen it grow in popularity.  But after looking at literally thousands of baby names I knew I needed to just go with what we loved best! So when she was just shy of three months, we agreed on dropping the Stevie and naming her Rose (middle name Frances. Francis is Steve's middle name so she still shares a connection with Dad). We barely made the deadline so it didn't cost anything and took about 5 minutes to do. It was SUCH a relief to finally have a name that we loved and that perfectly fit this sweet pretty girl! 

I am so indebted to my sister for taking these priceless pictures of her birth. Also to Monette, Kate, and my mom for taking more photos and video and being there as support during delivery. I got so emotional going through them and it makes me SO baby hungry. Whoops. We've settled on this being our last baby, but you guys, after writing this post I am opening up the possibility for another! Steve will say "no way" but give him a few years.... I know he'll start feeling it too. Nothing has ever topped the feelings of meeting our babies for the first time. It is hands down the BEST DAY EVER. 

Rose Frances Magleby
November 29th, 2016
8 lb 8 oz
20 1/2 in long

More from the Iphone:

It was so sweet to see the kids meet their baby sister for the first time. This was a long time waiting for Jayne who had been praying for a baby sister for many years. They loved her right off the bat. Even our baby Hans had no hesitancy accepting her. Watching them all huddled around her is a moment I will remember forever.

The kids got to help bathe her and each took turns holding her and loving on her. Jayne even got to have a late night with me one night and just hang out with me and baby sister. It was so special. 

I love the peaceful time at the hospital. It can be annoying having nurses checking in every five seconds but worth the quiet atmosphere and time alone with just me and the baby. Plus getting food delivered to you throughout the day :) I love it.

The two pictures below were the day we came home from the hospital. The kids were so excited to have her home. I was so excited to be in a comfortable bed again. The two days at the hospital are heavenly for me, but I am done after that and ready to be home. The day we got home it started snowing again and it was such a peaceful feeling nursing her in my bed with snow falling out my window. 

I wish I could relive this all over again!