Dad's Quick Visit

My Grandma has been having some health problems lately. She is 94 years old, such a trooper, but has been in the hospital the past week or so with an infected gallbladder. My Dad flew into town on his way back home from a wedding in Boise. He was only here for a few hours but it was so good to see him and my Grandma. After visiting for a while at the hospital we went to lunch at The Red Iguana in SLC before my Dad had to catch his flight back to DC. It was so great seeing you Dad!

After we saw my Dad we headed up to Alpine to have dinner there. After dinner I messed around with my camera (everyday occurrence everybody) and ended up with these nifty little shots.


Angie said...

ah i need to DO that! I never pick up the camera, I should follow your example and just play around with it. I like the photos you've been taking!

Shannon & Kevin said...

Great pics Dayn!! You've become quite the photographer! Please give Grandma a big kiss from me. We'll have to visit her when we come out next week.