After 9 days in Fiji we are back home. As sad as it was to leave, it feels great to be back. I don't know how I can fit everything we did into one post, so I'll just give a quick overview of what we did while we were there. Since we were there for the soccer team, they played four games while they were there. They lost two and won two. When they weren't playing games, we hung out on the beach, went snorkeling, shopped in the towns, took a speed boat ride, and went on an island excursion. On Sunday we all went to different wards and each player on the team spoke in sacrament. It was such a neat experience to hear them talk and bear their testimonies of the gospel.

Although it was rainy/cloudy the 7 out of the nine days we were their, we had a really great time. One of my favorite things we did was take the donated soccer balls and soccer cleats to the primary school in Suva. The kids were all gathered in this big room, and they sang church songs. Everyone got emotional as we watched them sing those sweet songs. They were such cute kids and loved meeting some of the guys on the team. It was really fun.

The funniest night of the trip was the talent show. I wouldn't be able to give it justice if I tried to describe it but I'll just say that it was one of the funniest things I've seen- and it was a really great time for everyone to get closer as a team and for the rest of us to really get to know the guys.

The people of Fiji are SO FRIENDLY. We were amazed at their hospitality and kindness. They are so humble and nice to everyone.

All in all it was one fun trip! Here are some of my favorite pictures:

Steve wearing a sulu. All the men here wear these.


Shannon & Kevin said...

Dayna - I'm so jealous! Sounds like Fiji was a BLAST! I'm amazed at what a great photographer you've become. These pictures are AWESOME!! You should really get some of the framed if you haven't already. Maybe you can take some pics of Jordie while we're out there. LOVE YOU!

Annie P said...

Love the pictures. From the stories Teague tells me - you were so good to him. I am not surprised but I owe you. I love the pictures. If I get you a cd, will you burn me a copy of the pictures - at least the ones with Teague and Max?

The Barnettes said...

Fiji! that's so fun and I'm so jealous! You're pictures are beautiful!

Esther Noelle said...

Wow Dayna, those pictures are awesome. I love the flower one! Sounds like such a fun trip!