Jayson Byron Richards

Another belated shout out for my brother Jayson! Jayson, you are such a stud-muffin. I love having you as a brother. You are just so chill and fun to be around. Not only that you are hilarious! You are always one to get people laughing and you have such a great sense of humor. You are super talented at the guitar and make me want to play more. How did you get so good so fast? You are also so cute and getting more and more handsome every day (not to mention taller and taller!). I still can't believe you have outgrown me and are already 16 years old. That is insane. Soon enough you'll be out at BYU and going on a mission and I will cry in disbelief in how quickly you have grown up. Sometimes I still like to think of you as little jay-c-b who would run around the house in his overalls and we would pick you up and put you on the door knob and let you hang there. Ah... good times. I love you bro!!!!!!!


Shannon & Kevin said...

What a cute pic! Little JCB is not so little any more.

the smoots said...

Very sweet post. You're such a good sis! By the way, your pics from Fiji are UNREAL!!! What a great trip! Glad you had fun!