What Am I To Do Now?

My little Ashley has left the country to go to Jerusalem for a study abroad. She'll be there for a month and a half and then out and about the east coast for the rest of the summer. So yesterday was pretty much the last time we'd be together until school starts (tear). For our last little rendezvous, we went out to dinner to our favorite place, Happy Sumo, dined on some Vegas rolls and Edamame, and had our typical girly conversations. While she's frolicking around Jerusalem and seeing the famous religious and historical sights of Biblical times, I'll be a lone and dreary girl missing my dearest friend. Jk. But I will miss her- BIG TIME. Hope you have the greatest time Ash- and don't forget to bring me back a Coca-Cola shirt!!!!

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ashley said...

I hope she has the best time! SAD! What I would do for some edamame right now! That sounds so delicious, I cant even tell you! And, ps- those cocacla shirts are the best! Love you