Girls Camp

I got to spend last week in Jacksonhole, Wyoming with 14 fun, beautiful, spiritual, CUTE young women. Our Stake Girls Camp got cancelled because Camp Shalom (our original plan) had two feet of snow. So they had wards do their own individual camps. I am secretly glad that happened because we ended up having such a fun time. One of the girl's parents owns a condo in Jackson where they so generously let us stay so it ended up being more like a vacation than camp (no one was complaining thats for sure!). We had so much fun driving through Yellowstone (as it was downpouring snow!), seeing Old Faithful, canoeing on Lake Jenny (it cleared out and was sunny and warm), and white water rafting Snake River. We had so much fun we really didn't want to leave. To top it all of we had a beautiful testimony meeting the last night around a camp fire. We all cried and laughed and hugged each other at the end. I love the YW in my ward so much and feel SO LUCKY to have been able to be with them. They are so awesome, nice, and they all get along together like best friends. I'm going to miss them when Steve and I move in the next little while. They really have taught me so much about kindness and love. They are truly amazing!!!!!


Brittany and Derek said...

Looks like fun! Isn't it crazy to be called as a YW leader?? That was my first calling being married and I felt like their same age still!

j & rachel kirkham said...

rough life camping in a condo in Jacksonhole! Looks like you had fun though!! XO

Angie said...

how fun! I miss young womens! what a fun calling.
hey you should post some of the engagements you took, I wanna see!