Happy Birthday Monette

My mother-in-law's birthday was on June 3rd, but with everyone's week being so crazy with work, activities, soccer practice- not to mention me out with the stomach flu- they decided to celebrate her birthday Saturday night. So we went to a great restaurant (one of my favorites), Flemmings, with just the adults (they hired a babysitter for Max and Josephine) and enjoyed an evening chatting with great company and filling our bellies with delicious food. It was a great way to celebrate, and for such a wonderful person! Monette, you are so amazing in so many ways and we are truly grateful for all you do for us! We hope you had a great birthday and we love you.


Annie P said...

What a fun night out. Monette is awesome. Someday I need to try Flemmings. I keep hearing how great that place is.

ashley said...

What I would do to eat Flemmings right now! I hope the bday bash was a blast! Also, I am dying to meet your new little sis, Josephine! How fun is that!