Men are from Mars...

... and women are from Venus. I am sure everyone would agree that this statement rings true at some point or another.

Since being married, sometimes its hard to find "girl time." Don't get me wrong, being with my husband most of the time is fantastic- MOST of the time. Sometimes I get those rare feelings that maybe he ISN'T so interested in the latest girly gossip I have to offer him, what clothes I find cute online and want him to see too, talking about feelings while lying in bed at night, and those other female friendly topics usually shared with female friends. Can you really blame him? Men and women don't always show the same excitement for the same things- we're from two different planets so to speak. So, my friend Bree and I decided that we needed to have girl time: A time set aside each week to get some of our girlfriends together, make new acquaintances, and do things we can't do with the guys while sparing the men from having to fake their enthusiasm for our benefit:)

So Bree coordinated a late luncheon with some girls at CPK for today. Lauren M. (to keep from any confusion with my sister Lauren) came and her roommate Sam. Then Bree invited a few friends of hers (two of them are married as well so I didn't feel like a sore thumb). It ended up being SO FUN!! It was so nice to meet some new girls and just have a genuine enjoyable girly time together. We kept all conversation 100% girl talk: boys, marriage, relationships, break-ups, and I must say it was surprisingly refreshing and fun to get all that out in the hour and so we were there with others that all truly enjoy talking about that kind of stuff. We've decided to try and make it a weekly ritual, and I'm very excited about it.

So here's to girlfriends, making new ones, and girl time. I am truly a fan.

And here's to boyfriends and husbands that really do try to appreciate that stuff for the sake of their girlfriends/wives.

However, I think Steve is happy that I've found another means to release my really girly side :)

A win win for both of us!

I found this cartoon and it made me laugh:


Annie P said...

I love girl time. I need to fit some more of that into my life.

Esther Noelle said...

Hey Dayna! Yes it has been a while since I've seen you around this blogging world! I loved your new bangs - you need to post a pic of them! I honestly could not get over how different you looked! Just it didn't seem like it was you for sure... ha ha!

And hurray for girl time! It is always much needed!!

Shannon and Kevin said...

Tru dat girlfriend!