Word to the wise:

Always get a second opinion.

I told you all how my computer was having issues and is in the process of getting fixed. Well, listen to this frustrating but beneficial story about what happened to me: (Note: this is a long story. Make sure you have time before starting, and maybe pop some popcorn before settling in...)

For a couple months my computer was slowly getting worse. The battery stopped working on its own (I'm not very good about shutting my computer down so the battery died) so the only way to use my computer was if it was plugged into the charger (kind of defeats the purpose of a laptop right?). Finally one day over this gradual decline, my computer stopped working all together, even with the charger. So, to save me the trip of driving all the way to Salt Lake City to go to the apple store to get it fixed, a friend of mine told me about this place called Simply Mac here in Provo that fixes macs. So I made my way over to the store in hopes that this process of fixing my computer would be short and speedy (I need my comp for school). I show the technician my problem and tell him I have apple care. He tells me they'll take a further look into it and get it fixed asap.

One day later I get a call from one of the techs, this is our conversation:

tech: "Hi, is this Dayna Magleby?"
me: "Yeah..." (worried. please don't let there by something wrong with my hard drive, all my notes are on my hard drive).
tech: "So we looked at your computer and it looks like there is some water damage on the motherboard and that is why your computer isn't working for you."
me: "Water damage?" (Oh crap, how did water get in the motherboard? I don't remember spilling anything on it..)
tech: "Did you ever spill anything on it?"
me: (Thought about this already) "No."
tech: "Yeah, well apple isn't going to cover this because of water damage" (this is true, apple care won't cover problems due to water damage) "so you will need to pay $900 in order for us to order a new motherboard to fix this."
me: "$900?! I don't have $900 to spend on this!!" (ok, didn't say that but was definitely thinking it). "Are you SURE apple care won't cover it? Are you SURE there is water damage?"
tech: "Yes. Would you like me to go ahead and order it? Or would you like me to just fix the part that apple will cover?" (I had a small crack on the front of the computer that was covered by apple care).
me: "Go ahead and fix the crack and I'll call you back about the motherboard."

So after the convo I hang up and start freaking out, telling Steve that we have to pay $900 in order for me to have a working computer. My sane and calm husband tells me to call applecare and ask them what they think I should do or ask if they can make an exception. I call them. They tell me they do not make exceptions, they won't cover water damage, but they advise me to get a second opinion. I ask them if stores make more money if applecare doesn't cover the problem. Apple says the stores do, that since they fix it themselves they make more money (hm, a little suspicious at this point but not jumping to any conclusions). So I decide to call back the tech and tell him I'm going to take it to Salt Lake, to see if he can hold off on fixing the crack so I can take it down asap to get it get a second opinion and not have to wait for the crack to get fixed.

tech: "If you take it down there, they are just going to tell you the same thing, that its water damage and apple care won't cover it."
me: (further spikes my suspicion) "Ok, well I still would like to get a second look. I know I told you to go ahead with the crack, but is there anyway I can just pick up my computer and not get anything done to it?"
tech: "Well, I already put in the order for the piece to fix it"
me: "Is there any way you can cancel the order?"
tech: "Yes, but the supervisor isn't here, and he is the only one that can approve that."
me: (That's mighty convenient that your supervisor isn't there...) "Is there any one else there that can approve it?"
tech: "Yes, but they don't have the password"
me: (are you for real?!) "Can you call the head supervisor for the password?"
tech: "Yeah, I could do that, but he might not answer"
me: (wow) "Could you TRY calling him, because maybe he might answer?" (on my last nerve)
tech: "Yeah, but if I don't call you back in 20 minutes then assume he didn't answer."
me: (Is this guy serious?? Does he really expect me to believe that he'll actually even call the guy rather then just hang up and do absolutely nothing?!) "Nevermind. Forget about it. Good bye."

Talk about GREAT customer service.

So after a few days I pick up my computer and take it down to SLC. A much friendlier technician takes it in the back so a "specialist" can have a look at it and figure out the problem.

10 minutes later:

friendly specialist: "Did you spill something on your computer?"
me: (Was the obnoxious tech at Simply Mac right?) "No, not that I can think of, honestly. Is there water damage?"
friendly specialist: "No, not at all. When we talked to apple care to get your computer covered they were suspicious that maybe you spilled something on it (remember I called to ask them what I could do and told them what Simply Mac told me)."
me: (I begin telling them everything up to this point)
friendly specialist: "Well, we took a thorough look at it even after we talked to apple care, and we didn't see any kind of water erosion/damage, and it doesn't look like its a problem that would be caused by that. Next time you have a problem, don't bring it to Simply Mac, take it here or to BYU, they will probably be more honest there."
me: (almost in tears I'm so happy) "Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Moral of the story: ALWAYS get a 2nd opinion, especially if someone's asking you to pay that much money for something. I am so glad I went with my gut and got it checked out in SLC. 2nd moral of the story: DO NOT GO TO SIMPLY MAC to fix anything of yours. They are either dishonest or incompetent to have made a mistake that huge. After telling some people about what happened, I heard some other horror stories about that place. Just be careful if you ever go there.

I'm just glad I had a happy ending.


Shannon & Kevin said...

YIKES!! What is with people trying to scam you? First the insurance company and now Simply Macs??!! I can't believe how dishonest people can be. I'm glad you have a good head on your shoulders. Way to go!

Angie said...

I've also heard horror stories about simply mac. they look like an official apple store but they are totally not! i'm pretty sure my parents have been ripped off there when they've brought stuff in to get fixed. unfortunately they weren't as proactive as you about getting a 2nd opinion. glad you escaped that one! :)

Esther Noelle said...

That sounds horrible!!! Wow! Thank goodness you got a second opinion! Whew!!