Conference Weekend

We watched conference up at the Magleby's cabin this weekend. My siblings came and it was nice to just be together as family and be spiritually edified by such amazing leaders of the Church. One talk that stood out to me was President Monson's on change. There are times where I find myself dwelling on things in the past whether it be mistakes I've made or opportunies I feel I've missed out on or not made the most of whether it be dropping out of ballet (how I wish I could dance like I did then), or being a bumb in high school (why didn't I make the most out of those years?), or simple change (getting sad about the fact that my younger siblings are growing up and I'm missing out on it) and it really made me realize that I need to "find joy in the journey now." Rather then dwell on the past, or dwell on change, I need to make most of the here and now, today. I also loved the quote he used by Music Man: "If you pile up a lot of tomorrows, you'll have a lot of empty yesterdays." How often do we (or atleast I do) find ourselves saying "I'm going to serve more, starting tomorrow" or "I'm going to work on my talents, tomorrow" and yet nothing ever changes in our lives to make that happen. Any way, it was a huge motivation for me to get my act together- TODAY. Another favorite of ours was Elder Eyering's talk on Unity. It applied so much to us as we strive to be unified as a married couple by keeping the commandments and having our heart unified with the Lords to be able to receive revelation we need to live our lives according to His will so that we can have JOY (doesn't it just make so much sense when they break it down like that?). Any way, it was a great weekend. What were your favorites?

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Shannon and Kevin said...

I loved President Monson's talk as well. I also loved the talk on ingratitude (I don't remember who the speaker was). It is SO important to always be grateful for all of our many blessings.