My Turn?

Steve emailed me this article the other day. 

I think he's trying to tell me something. 

Story of our lives:

me: Steve, can I have a back-tickle?
steve: Sure (and gives me a nice long back-tickle)
me: Ah.. that felt good, thanks babe, (kiss), good night. (zonk, zzzz, deep in sleep)
steve: Sigh.

I have a great husband. Tonight HE will get the back-tickle. 


The Bobos said...

I will be in Maryland from November 1 until December 4, because Richard will be doing some army training. My mom, who STILL works at the HF, told me that they'll be open Nov. 1 since it's a Saturday. When are you going to be there? That would be so fun if we could meet up! I haven't seen you in AGES girl!

Mary Martha said...

yall are adoreable! i'm always thinking "deep massage" but i can see how a back tickle would be great too. ha!

Sara and Brad said...

ahhhh love the name a back tickle. hahah what a cute name for a massage :)

Shannon and Kevin said...

This is SO funny! Dayna you seriously need to start returning the back-tickle favor. poor steve...

Callejero said...

She gave me one and it felt really good cuz she's got really long nails right now. Thanks babe.