Tagged: 50 Things You May Not Have Known About Me

Alright..... here goes:
1. Grew up in Maryland, love it, miss it, want to be there, like now. 
2. I love love love my family. To me they are perfect and I have never looked at another family and wished they were mine. I am so lucky. I love getting together with my family, look forward to every chance I get to be with them, miss them so badly when I am away from them, and if it were possible, would have us all living next door to each other. Have I made myself clear?
3. I love really yummy food. I hate wasting my meals by eating crappy food. I guess you could say I have high taste when it comes to food. 
4. Kissed 4 people growing up, not including my husband.
5. I am obsessed with shoes but have no money to buy them. So, instead I spend hours coveting over cute shoes I find online that I can never buy. Does it depress me? Surprisingly not. I still enjoy it. Is this materialistic? Yes.
6. I love watching movies. I probably watch one every single day. 
7. Don't worry, I love to read too. LOVE to read. I have had a love for it since I was real young.
8. I get anxiety when lifting off in an airplane. I'm fine with the landing.  I pray 100X while sitting in my seat before take off and they always are like this "Heavenly Father please bless the plane, please bless the pilots, please watch over this aircraft that it will land safely, please watch over us and let no harm or accident fall upon us..." X 100. 
9. I love cleanliness. I love taking showers, brushing my teeth, cleaning my room when it gets dirty, cleaning the kitchen, etc. 
10. Normally I am chill and will go with the flow but sometimes I can be controlling depending on the situation. There are times I really like to do things my way. Not that yours is a bad way-  mine is just better :) (I'm working on this, ok?)
11. I love dessert. Rocky road ice cream, creme brulee, strawberry cheesecake, cookies, the list goes on...
12. I despise cilantro. I can't stand it. If its in anything I refuse to eat it. I may have offended people a time or two because of this fact about me. But its better I decline than have you witness me gagging while eating your cooking, ok? 
13.  I love talking about the gospel. I could go for hours on this subject. I just love it. 
14. I can't wear socks to sleep. Steve does it and I think its weird. 
15.  I am obsessed with backtickles. No, a backtickle is not a massage. They are different. It is lightly scaling the back with tips of nails. Feels oh so good. 
16. I hate throwing up. Like, when I get sick and I feel like I'm going to throw up its the worst feeling ever. Just thinking about it gives me the heeby jeebies. 
17. I hate the feel of a hot dry towel after its out in the sun by the pool. Its all hard and starchy and I hate the tactile of it. 
18. I am extremely ticklish. But I will never really tell people that because they will always try and tickle you if you do.
19. I don't like people touching my face. 
20. I get cold really easily. I'd rather be hot and sweaty than cold. Hence, I love summer way more than winter.
21. I love romance films. Love em.
22. I love playing and making up songs to the guitar.
23. I am learning to enjoy soccer. I'll just say it- its hard for me to get into the game. Yes, I'm married to a soccer play, so what, I didn't grow up playing the game. I was the deprived child- only one in the family of 10 that wasn't put into soccer.  Sometimes I think I would have been really good at it. 
24. I love working out. It makes me happy and helps me in so many other areas of my life (reduces stress, helps me sleep, etc.)
25. I LOVE music. I like pretty much anything except for rap music with dirty words.
26. I love cooking, crafting, etc. Am I amazing at it? Not really, but I love learning. 
27. I suck at math. I can add. Anything from there I am lost.  Takes me forever to figure it out. 
28. I am obsessed with my nephews Jordan and Danny. If I could have them I would. No, really. Like if it weren't weird and they offered them to me, I would take them, gladly.
29. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. I just love the festive air about those holidays.
30. I love funny people. I love laughing. If someone can get me to laugh so hard to cry they will be loved no matter what other flaws they may have.
31. I sleep with a stuffed animal. This is a recent development and has a longer story behind it. 
32. I hate watching scary movies. I use to be obsessed until I realized that its probably not normal to be scared while taking a shower, or being alone in my bedroom. So I gave it up.
33. I love to dance. I love making up dances and going to dances. 
34. I really don't like Cafe Rio. I don't get the obsession. I got sick there one time and have never really loved anything I ate there. This is random, but I think it probably stands out compared to most. 
35. Sometimes I get really homesick (see #1). 
36. I love watching movies that make me cry.
37. Most nights I have really vivid weird dreams. They don't mean anything, but they are always really vivid and I always remember them, which I then retell to Steve, who then thinks I'm crazy.
38. I'm really excited to have kids and be a mom. Like, everyday I think about how excited I am to meet them and rear them and love them like crazy.
39. I am really bad when it comes to keeping up with news, politics, events. I will never really jump into any political debate because I don't really know what to say.
40. I hate spiders. I start hyperventilating when I see one. It is actually quite funny.
41. I have a blogging/facebooking obsession. I spend a lot of time on them. Its kind of sad when I think about what better things I could be doing with my time. Will that stop me? Probably not.
42. I sometimes have weird emotions. Like, if I see a disabled person I will feel really sad and have strong sympathy for that person. Sometimes its not even disabled people. Like, for the longest time I hated driving by 24 fitness because there was this old man who was dressed like Statue of Liberty for his job, and he was so old, and I couldn't drive by without feeling like I was going to cry. Does that describe it a little better? I guess I just have strong emotions for weird things. Or if I ever think about someone in my family dying, I start crying. Its so weird. Like, I will cry and they are not even dead. 
43. I have selective hearing. If I am talking to someone and someone else is shouting in my ear, I really won't hear them. 
44. I love peeling dead skin. Like if I get burned and its peeling real bad, I'll spend forever just peeling it. I love getting big pieces. Sick, I know, but I love it. 
45. I love photography. I just got a new camera and am loving learning how to use it. It is so fun and I hope to get real good at it. 
46. I love hiking and being outdoors. I am not really a skilled camper, and wouldn't know how to organize some kind of big outing- but if someone else does, I will totally tag along. 
47. I shake my milk and juice before I drink it. Steve thinks this is really weird but I think its perfectly normal and that most people do it. Right?
48. It sometimes bugs me (just a little) when people say "anyways" (its anyway with no S people!) and "I could care less" (its I COULDN'T care less). I use to say it wrong and was once corrected and since then its something thats stuck. Its not a big deal, but I always notice it when people are talking. 
49. I hate talking on the phone for a really long time unless its someone that I haven't talked to in a while/miss really badly/ and I call them myself. Don't take this the wrong way. If you call me I will not be annoyed or upset, I just won't stay on the phone forever. This is with everyone- including my husband. I get straight to the point and then click I'm done. 
50. I love taking baths. I like showers too, but I just love soaking in a hot warm bath for 30 minutes or so and just letting my mind relax. Feels so good. 

Normally I would hate doing this TAG list, and yes I was a little reluctant to even do it, but surprisingly it was fun!  I'm sure there are many other quirky things about me that I didn't put down but at least you all have a little better understanding of miss Dayna Jane. 

Now I tag:  Shannon, Jen, Crystal, Rachel, and Annie P. 


J and Rachel Kirkham said...

Rachel as in me? OK...I'll work on it. By the way the one about peeling the skin is nasty but I still love you!! Oh and let's hope you don't have bad nausea when you're knocked up otherwise you'll have to get used to the barfing part really fast! XOXO

Shannon and Kevin said...

tmi....hehehe - jk.

I'm surprised at how well I know you. I think the only surprise was that you love to be clean. I just remember when I would ask to borrow something to wear, I had to smell it first, because the armpits usually smelled like sweat because you wouldn't wash your clothes that often. hahaha. Seriously though, Dayna, you have such wonderful, amazing qualities. I've always thought you were cooler than I, but after reading that, I know you're cooler. LOVE YOU!

Steve and Dayna Magleby said...

Ew! that is so not true. You would smell the armpits and they always smelt squeaky clean- unless they were ones I wore the day before and you knew it looked cute on me so you wanted to wear it the next day... hahaha. You have to do the list!! And do things we may not know about you too.

Crystal and Morgan said...

hahaha i loved shannons comment so funny. I don't know if I can come up with 50 things about myself. I may need help from morgan. But i loved your list, you are such a quirky cute person. I think I knew most of that stuff about you before tho. But i think everyone wants to know the story behind your stuffed animal....

Sarah said...

I loved scary movies as well, stopped watching them...I'm so afraid of the dark...it's been really hard for me with the baby at night because you can't turn the light on, and sometimes while I'm washing my face I freak out and have to open my eyes to look. I always shake my milk (not weird), and I absolutely hate it when people say supposeBly??? I always correct them. Anyways...haha these among many others things I'm with you on. Fun to learn more about you.

Mary Martha said...

You're so great. I loved reading these. I think we really connect on 42.