Twilight Movie

Click on "visit official website" to see the fourth and final trailer for the upcoming Twilight movie. 

What do you guys think? 

I actually think its going to be pretty good despite the fact that I was extremely bitter at first about Stephanie Meyer's choice of actors. They aren't even cute. I don't know where I got the idea that these characters are suppose to be pale beautiful, hot, extremely good looking vampires (do you catch my sarcasm?). 

However, I'm being open minded, the guy playing Edward is growing on me (Bella.. not quite yet), and am really looking forward to seeing it Nov 21!


Angie said...

ooooh, i liked that trailer! i agree, bella is annoying and i'm not a fan of her voice and some of the dialogue, but i was getting chills when he kissed her! woah! i'm excited.

Shannon and Kevin said...

I CAN NOT WAIT!! You should fly out here so we can see it together - what do you think? hehehe... jk. I really am SOO excited!!!