Wanna Get Freaky?

Gmail chatting in class today: 

Ashley: have you and steve ever freaked danced?
me: haha freaked dance? like bump and grind to rap music?
Ashley: yeah
me: not that i can think of... maybe jokingly at some point. we haven't really been to those kind of dances before.
Ashley: no, like in your house. 
me: no
Ashley: well you should. you can. you're married. 

i love you ash.


The Bobos said...

I highly recommend it ;)

Brittany and Derek said...

hahaha. i have no words.

Angie said...

hahahahahaha.... don't worry dayna, klane and i have never freak danced either. i'll be honest i've never had an uncontrollable urge to do that, before or after marriage. but i laughed when i read this conversation.