We wrapped up Kate's weekend long birthday celebration as a family by eating dinner up at the Foundry Grill at Sundance last night. Steve and I love that place, but its pricey, so its such a treat to get to go there when we do. Afterwards we watched Heroes (one of our favorite TV shows) up at the cabin. It is getting pretty intense, but we love it. Its fun to have a show to get excited for together each week. Heroes and Office are our weekly shows now (AI and LOST in the winter). Any must see shows you guys watch and would recommend (or maybe you do more practical things than waste hours away sitting in front of the tube... you can tell me I won't be offended ;)?

our favorite characters on the show


Shannon and Kevin said...

I haven't gotten into Heroes, but it seems like a good one. Dayna I love the first picture of you on this post. You look SMOKIN'! I like your top too - where'd you get it?? LOVE YOU!

Jane said...

I wish I could say that we don't waste away in front of the TV but it is such a great way to end the always exhausting day. I think you guys were the ones that convinced Kenyon to watch Heroes and we have been watching ever since.