My Trip Home

Friday: Halloween!

 We found this little zebra in our house that morning. 
We decided we would keep him for the day and take him wherever we go. 
Isn’t he cute? 

We took him to lunch at Cheesecake Factory
The little zebra liked the bread and the pasta, and 
could fit a whole lot in that little zebra mouth of his.

He started growing on us and we decided we both really really like him.

With lunch in his belly, the little zebra got kinda sleepy and fell asleep on my shoulder at the Elementary School parade we went to. This just made us love the little zebra even more.

Finally the little zebra woke up to see the parade.

We saw Elyse dressed up as a “monster bride”...

...and Ryan dressed up as a banana
He wanted to give the little zebra kisses (who wouldn’t?)

So, then I wanted to give the cute zebra kisses.

And then so did Shannon. She felt like she should probably be this little zebra’s momma. I said I wanted to be his momma, but she won

Then we took the little zebra to a neighborhood Halloween party
We ate pizza and watched a magic show

I guess zebra’s don’t really like magic shows
This little zebra just wanted to play on the slide.

We got ready to go trick-or-treating with the zebra 
and took pictures with the our new zebra nephew

Shannon and Kevin claimed themselves as parents of this little zebra creature
They make a cute family.

Did you know little zebra’s really like candy?

Even Dad really liked the little zebra and decided he would be his Grandpa. The zebra really loves his Grandpa.

Then we took him trick-or-treating (do zebra’s really do that? You bet your sweet bottom they do!). The little zebra learned fast. He knew exactly what to do

We had to keep up with the little zebra. He loved running to the next house to get more candy

Finally the little zebra got tired from all the trick-or-treating fun so we took him home. He ate his lollypop along the way. 

It was a fun halloween day spent with the cutest little zebra

On Saturday we went to Hadley’s Park to watch Ryan’s soccer game. He is a good soccer player. It was a beautiful day and was so nice to be outside.
This little "Linus boy" had fun at the game too.

After the game we made our way up to Deep Creek Lake. It was so beautiful with all the fall leaves and the crisp fall air. Every morning we woke up to this:

At night we had a bonfire and roasted s’mores
It was so fun to get around the campfire and hang out.

Elyse entertained us with her hand puppets. 
(Her face in this pictures makes me laugh real hard)

Most nights involved playing games- Settlers or Boggle.

On Monday we took a beautiful walk to the dam.
Jordy loved riding on grandpa's shoulders.

But he soon fell asleep along the way. 

We took some family pictures.

And the kids stopped to play on the swings. 

We finally made it to the dam and took some more lovely pictures.

That afternoon we took a pleasant canoe ride on the lake. 
Nothing better than chilling while letting the others do all the hard work :)

The boys in the kayak

The girls up front in the canoe

Always got to have a silly picture with Elyse

I love my Dad

The sunset. Could it be any more beautiful?

Tuesday we packed up and headed home. I had such a FUN time visiting my family. It was so hard to say goodbye. Thank you family for such an awesome time while I was there. You guys are the best and I can’t wait to see you again at Christmas!

Oh how I love my family.


Shannon and Kevin said...

What a cute, creative post!! I was so happy we found that cute little zebra on Halloween. He made it so much fun! It was SO great to have you here! Dayna you are such a great aunt and a great sister. I LOVE you soooo much!

Jen Richards said...

Dayna!! Hey... so glad you got to go home... looks like it was an awesome trip- wish i could have been there with you :) i still can't thank you enough for watching daniel that day- you are the BEST!

Mary Martha said...

that's great that you were able to go home and spend some time with the fam. okay, so we have to connect about the photography interest. I am taking a class thorugh nicole hill. have you heard of her? I track her blog. she is really talented. she is moving to san fran so wont be able to teach her in the future. but i have looked into it and we should sign up through other means. a lot of the camera shops even have them. I'm getting into it. I've got a long way to go though. I am trying to get better at manual. i struggle there big time. let's connect and talk about it... are you nikon or cannon? there are some helpful books out there too. i wish i would of persued it at byu but i hear it is an insane program to get into. funny how i figure those types of things out right as i graduate. I dunno though cause i dont want to do professional stuff. i just want to learn and be good and have good pics of family. i'm getting excited just talking to you about it.

Also, I start my job tomorrow so no more of rana on tuesdays. my workout life is about to take a huge hit. it was nonexistent this summer when i was working hard. but i dont think my hours are going to be nearly as crazy.

you're great. go rana!