Gingerbread House

Now that we have reflected on the true meaning of Christmas- lets make it loud and clear that there is nothing wrong with enjoying all the other things Christmas has to offer. 

With that said, Monday night we went up to Alpine to decorate one awesome gingerbread house together. We all put our gingerbread house decorating skills to action and the result? 
A beautiful gingerbread masterpiece
(as shown above)

What would be perfect after doing something like this? Drinking homemade hot cocoa. To get the yummy recipe, check out my sidebar. 


Annie P said...

You guys always do such a great job on the gingerbread houses. My kids have been begging to do one and I have sort of been dragging my feet. I can't pull it off the way Monette can. Candies galore! And always fun to be with the Magleby clan. I think we might just being doing a store bought kit this weekend.

-Happy Birthday to Steve on Sunday!

Angie said...

how cute! that thing is a work of art...
and i wish i could sell you a wicked ticket but they were all definitely spoken for before they were even purchased! kind of crazy~!

hope you guys have a great christmas!