We celebrated Thanksgiving "Pilgrims and Indians" style. All dressed up. 
Here is our multicultural family. 
The Indians
Love this little Pilgrim girl
Our cousin Wendy. Some went all out in there costumes as you have seen so far.
While others had their own idea of a costume. Nice white thighs Mitch!
Cousin Chloe was in charge of the arts and crafts for the little kids.
The Pilgrims preparing the final touches on the Turkey
(I love the mantle in the background)
The beautiful table setting. We all ate together, one big feast, in the basement gym. It was perfect!  Everyone had a place card with their name on it and people would go around and write what they were thankful for about that person.
The buffet of Thanksgiving yumminess.
After the feast, we all headed up to the cabin for a 
family talent show
Steve and I sang a little duet: "Anyone Else But You" by the Moldy Peaches (Juno).
One of our favorites was the skit that all the moms put on. 
The little dolls singing "Deck the Halls".

It was such an enjoyable Thanksgiving.  We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing at the cabin and playing games. I am so grateful for Steve's amazing family. I feel so very blessed to have wonderful families on both sides (how did I get so lucky?!).  This weekend was such a good time to reflect on my life and take time to really think about how very very blessed I am in so many aspects of my life.  I am so grateful for my family, my sweet husband, my relationships, my loving Heavenly Father, the Gospel, this wonderful Earth we live on, my life, good health, 
and SO much more.  
Happy Thanksgiving!


Annie P said...

What a fun day! Wish we could see your talent.

Angie said...

such cute pictures! fun traditions. and i love that juno song and that you sang it together! i would've loved to see that! adorable.

callie & steve said...

seriously, i am IMPRESSED! i have never seen thanksgiving celebrated like that...how fun/creative! maybe you should make a lil' video of you and the hubby singing to post and share on the blog????

Shannon and Kevin said...

Wow! What a great Thanksgiving!! Monette is so creative and doesn't miss any detail. I love that you had a talent show and got all dressed up. Love you guys!

ashley schmutz said...

unreal. that is so fun!

ashley schmutz said...

... and we missed eachother in utah! I didnt even call you! It felt like there wasn't one free moment and it all went by so fast! BOO! It looks like you had a blast, though!

Lauren Dyer said...

You guys make awesome indians.

Jen Richards said...

Where did you guys get those AMAZING costumes!? I am so impressed. WOW. Looks like an awesome Thanksgiving. Maybe Monette (spelling?) will invite me next year :) I also LOVE that you and Steve sang together. So sweet! We missed you and Steve here so much, but we cannot wait for Christmas! We only have a few days in D.C.:( but it will still be great to all be together.

Mary Martha said...

Your inlaws are so neat! What a great idea. Where did you get the costumes. Andrew and I went to the Calle warehouse sale. Drew came home and changed into his new shirt. The amterial is so great. & he likes the way it fits.

Kiss Kiss said...

Dayna- this is the best thing I have EVER seen. I am soooo jealous of this! I wish my family would have done something that cool! We didn't even get a picture! How rude!! AHHHH you make the prettiest little indian!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH I miss you.

Esther Noelle said...

Man your guys' costumes blow ours out of the water! You look awesome! And what? No video of you guys' song? I want to hear!! :)