"Dayna's Pregnant!"

So some of you have asked us how we told our parents and how I told Steve. Here's the story:

I found out I was pregnant on our anniversary. How symbolic that was for me- for us. It was a very spiritual experience for me when I found out I was pregnant. How humbled and blessed I felt when I realized I was given the blessing and responsibility to bring a baby onto this earth and raise and nurture it (me?!). I have never felt so happy and at peace with anything than I have with this calling in my life.

I was so happy and overwhelmed with complete joy.

When I found out Steve was at work and I decided that I wanted to surprise him. I had to lie- I figured this was a good exception.

I told him I got my period. I was sad. A month lost. He told me everything was okay, and we would continue trying. It was hard to pretend to be sad when I was around him that day.  How sneaky I can be....

I wrapped the pretty little pee stick in a box and gave it to him that night in the parking lot at Sundance before we went in for our anniversary dinner. He couldn't believe it. He asked if it was "real" followed by "is it yours?!" I guess he didn't understand how I could be pregnant if I had my period. I explained. It was so cute to see his excitement and down right happy face. There were lots of tears and kisses. We spent all dinner talking about baby. It was so fun. One of the best days ever.

We told Steve's family the night before we left for MD. We went out to dinner for Steve's birthday. Steve and I made mugs for his parents at Color Me Mine to share the news. They said "I love Grandma" and "I love Grandpa". When we gave them the gift we told them it was just a gift for Christmas that we wanted to give them as we weren't going to be with them this year. They opened it up and it took them a minute to realize what they said. When they finally made the connection they got so excited. It was so fun to finally share the news with them. This will be their first grandchild. 

When we got to MD we went out to dinner for Steve's birthday (again) with my family. Since my parents are already grandparents we brought along a little onesie that says "the best gift ever" and wrapped it up as if it was a gift for Steve. He opened it at dinner. My parents took a little while to make the connection. My mom even said "isn't that a little small?" (she later clarified that she couldn't see the bottom of the onesie. Right mom :). Finally my Dad realized what it all meant and started shouting while banging his hand on the table "Oh my gosh! Dayna is pregnant! Dayna is pregnant!" (as I'm sitting right by him).  I was laughing so hard. I wish I had it on videotape to share. 

As for me and how I am feeling. I am feeling much better. At around 6 1/2 weeks to week 10 I was feeling super yucky all the time. Eating was such a challenge and I always felt like I was going to puke. I would love to meet whoever made up the term "morning sickness" and give them a good wake up call. Its more like "all day long sickness". Atleast it was for me. I am sure many of you understand. I definitely went into pregnancy thinking all would be fine and dandy. I had some very high expectations that I wish I didn't. Thankfully my doc gave me a prescription vitamin to take instead of the store bought ones I was using that made me feel loads better and have given me a ton of energy. Some days I still get kind of nauseous and I feel like I constantly have a bad taste in my mouth (I now have two favorite flavors of gum that I constantly depend on). My sense of smell has become stronger than any other animal on the planet which has made for some very interesting and hilarious moments. I think it drives Steve nuts. Hopefully that will go away soon. Besides all that, I am doing great.

In fact, despite the above venting session, I really have LOVED being pregnant. I love love love how calm and at peace I feel. I feel so content and happy. I love thinking about baby all day long and am so anxious to meet this little being inside me. Will it go by fast you others who have been through this? I hope so.  I want to meet this little person already!

Steve is so cute. He loves to give my belly kisses and talk to baby. He is going to be such a cute dad.

I can't wait to be a mom.

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on our last post. We are so excited and so thrilled to have such love and support from so many of you.

I realize now that my blog is about to take a quick 180. There is going to be a lot of baby business talk on here now. Get ready.

All in all, life is so good.


The Bobos said...

Congrats!! I'm so happy for you. Those were such cute ways to tell everyone. I'm not patient or creative like that at all so I've always called everyone right away. You guys are going to be great parents!

Annie P said...

I can't wait to meet the baby too. I am glad you are feeling a little better. No fun to feel sick. We missed seeing you over the holidays at the family party.

Sara and Brad said...

Hey Dayna!!! congrats :) You will make the cutest mommy ever... Those were such cute ways to tell your family!!! I'm glad to know you are feeling better. How far along are you? You find out the sex at around 20 weeks!!! let me know :)

Nathan, Amy & Kate Romney said...


I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that your blog will be taken over by BABY stuff. :) That's just about my favorite topic now, and it's so fun to watch other people experience it all, too, and to see how they feel about everything. You are going to be such a cute mom. I'm glad you're feeling better now. I was pretty lucky with my pregnancy and didn't have to deal with much "morning sickness" but it was ridiculously hard for a while for me to find anything to eat that seemed even remotely appetizing! Kind of annoying. It's all so fun though--just an amazing experience from start to finish.
In answer to your question, OVERALL your pregnancy will probably go by really fast (that's how I felt, anyway), but sadly, some of it will probably seem to CRAWL by. My second trimester flew by at lightning speed, and so did the first bit of my third trimester, but the last few weeks were unbearably long--and I wasn't even really uncomfortable! Just super impatient... It gets pretty hard waiting to meet the little guy/gal. But it's all so, so worth it and when they finally do come, you'll probably be shocked that your pregnancy is already over and suddenly you're a MOMMY! Man, it's just crazy how quickly life can change. Our baby girl, Kate, was born just over 4 weeks ago, and honestly, I already feel like I can't remember a time before we had her! It is so, so amazing and fun. I really hope things go well for you with the pregnancy and with your birth experience and just all of it!

You definitely don't have to, but feel free to email me anytime if you ever have any questions (that you don't want to blog about!), or just want to talk/vent/whatever. I'm so, SO happy for you guys!


Lauren Dyer said...

I am so happy for you. It's hard to feel peaceful and happy when you're miserable - you're going to be awesome!!

Kiss Kiss said...

I just got teary-eyed from reading your post. Dayna, I know for a fact that you are going to be an incredible mom. You just radiate good, happy, and successful. I love being around you and feel so blessed to have you as my PREGNANT friend!! Let's get together ASAP...how about....Saturday??? Lunch? Whatever works for you works for me. I LOVE YOU!

Mitch said...

Bahahahaha! That was a funny little post. I'm glad i meandered on over here to your blog. Considering i had NO IDEA you were pregnant. You two little chitlins are gonna be awesome parents. Those stories all made me "LOL". It actually got me kind of excited to start a family one day(which DOES NOT happen). It's crazy to think that Eric and Monette aren't grandparents yet. That's awesome for all you guys.

P.S. I feel i deserve either: the title of Godfather. Or you name it after me. You two can talk amongst yourselves and decide which is better. Personally, Godfather sounds pretty sick. But you decide;)


Jayne Layne said...

Congrats you guys!! Holy Cow that is so fun! I am very excited for you both. I deliver my baby next week and I couldn't be more excited. Such a crazy thing. I will have to watch for any exciting news on your blog. LOVES!

Angie said...

hey thanks for the comment! i know, it is so funny we run into you guys there always. I was almost expecting it. :) So here is my picture secret. I upload the pictures in that size to picasa web albums and then copy the link into my blog posts. I stole the idea from one of my favorite blogs. :) It's pretty easy!

Bonnie said...

Congratulations Dayna! I'm SO happy for you and Steve! Little Dayna will be a mom! Yay!

ashley schmutz said...

I LOVE that steve kisses your belly baby. So cute! I cant wait to meet this little tyke! Feel better!

Jen Richards said...

Such a cute post Day... I loved reading it :) I can't wait to see you in a few weeks when we are out in UT!! Love ya!!