Food + Friends + Pampering = Fun

I was invited to a little "Girls Night" last night. We had taco salads (more like 2 hefty tacos for me) and were pampered by a nice woman named Jessica who works for Mary Kay and who gave us all sorts of facial products and make up to test out. 

My good friend Bree who co-hosted this lovely event is leaving for her mission to Argentina in a few weeks. It was one of the last nights I would really see her before she went home before leaving on her mission. She is going to be one fabulous sister missionary.

Last night I started realizing that soon enough it will be much less likely that I'll be attending these fun get-togethers once baby arrives in July.  

To be honest though, as much as I love spending time with the girls and am going to miss these fun nights together,  I think its a pretty fair trade.  I can't wait for this baby to get here. 


The Bobos said...

Hey cutie - you are going to LOVE being a mom and you're going to do great at it. And while it might be harder to get out with the girls once Baby Magleby comes, you'll realize that it is essential to your sanity that you do! Time for yourself will always make you a better mommy - I learned that the hard way ;)

Esther Noelle said...

How fun! Love girls nights!! And don't worry, you can still do them after kids! it just takes a lot more effort! :) I want to see a picture of your tummy! I bet you don't even look pregnant at all yet, you are so teeny!

Shannon and Kevin said...

What a fun night! And like the other comments, you will totally be able to get out with the girls even after baby arrives. Just probably not as often cause you won't want to leave your little one.