Birthday Spotlight: Shannon Marie Taylor

(with Shannon and Jordy at Crystal's wedding)

Today is my older sister's birthday. 

The sister I have admired and looked up to my whole life.  

Why, you might ask?

Several (but not nearly all) reasons:

1. She is gorgeous 
(I always wished I looked like her- still do)
2. She is sooooo talented 
(dancing, singing, skiing, belching, you name it)
3.  She is FUNNY
(makes me laugh so hard!)
4. She is nice 
(was always a good older sister to me- that is, unless I took her clothes)
5. Had awesome clothes 
(which I would steal on a frequent basis which would make her very mad. *note #4)
6.  Would make up dances with me 
(my favorite: Pocahontas rollerblading routine in my ice skating skirts)
7.  Started a band with me
(DNS, circa 2003ish, but we were awesome)
8. Always a good example 
(May or may not have been why I was a loser in high school- but well worth it!)
9. Introduced me to the world of music 
(starting with Indigo Girls, Alanis Morrisette, No Doubt...)
10.  She is one amazing mommy
  (and I would be happy to be even a little bit as amazing as she is with my own)

Happy Birthday Sista! I love you!


J and Rachel Kirkham said...

Love that girl but I must say I have to take the credit for Indigo Girls. I got her hooked.

Shannon and Kevin said...

Thank you so much Dayn!! I wish I could say even half of those things are true. Thank you also for the adorable birthday gift. I love the sweatshirt/sweater. I wore it out with Kevin on Friday night and then all day on Saturday. You are such a great sister! I love you!