Home for Christmas Part I

Christmas break with my family was so much fun.  It was so nice for us to relax and hang out with no worries of school or work.  We spent the first week hanging out, going to movies, having our traditional Christmas Eve dinner, opening gifts Christmas day and biking to Georgetown.  My sister Shannon shared some exciting news with everybody on Christmas Eve.  She too is pregnant and expecting her second child end of July (we are only 3 weeks apart!).  Ok, so it wasn't really a surprise to me- I knew as soon as she was pregnant, but it was so fun for everyone else to know so we could finally talk about it in front of them. I am so excited for our kids to be so close in age. They are going to be good buddies.  Here are some pics of the first week of break (for you family members who wanna snag em!).

Celebrating Steve's big 25
Christmas Eve Dinner
Me and my hub
We all opened gag gifts. This was Bryson's. He is special don't you think?
Love my Dad
Shanniepie and Kev

Little boys in matching PJ's
You'd think this kid was screaming. Oh no, this is his SMILE.

Cute Dannyboy
Christmas morning! Jordy loving his new basketball hoop
And his new tent
And his "guck" (truck)
Elyse and her high school musical obsession. Wonder where she gets it from.....
Danny- a little flirt
So cute! Giving some love to Danny
Family kickball game
Our bike ride to Georgetown

I hope you all had a great Christmas break!

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