Home for Christmas Part II

The second week of break we went up to Deep Creek Lake. The best part was it started snowing while we were up there so some of the family went skiing and another day was spent sledding on a big hill in the neighborhood. We also celebrated New Years Eve with a yummy dinner and staying up till midnight (I zonked out an hour before being the tired pregnant woman I am but Steve was sweet and woke me up as the ball was dropping so we could quickly share a new years kiss). All in all, it was so nice just relaxing there playing games, watching movies, and hanging out. We were sad to see it end but we had a great time.  

Jordy throwing the snow
Mama and Jord in his new backpack 
Fell asleep on our walk
Sledding- Jordy looks more calm than Shan
Family photo

My turn- I was a little scared. Just a little.
Mom and Dad taking a ride

We won farthest distance
Jordy and Papa

Awkward photo of us that makes me laugh- check out those arms!

Goodbye winter break. School has officially started (blah). However, I will be saying goodbye to books and exams end of April. Can't wait. 


Angie said...

great pictures! looks like a lot of fun. And i'm also excited for april! graduation here we come.

Nathan, Amy & Kate Romney said...

Dayna, how fun! Isn't it great to spend holidays with the fam? And how exciting about Shannon! That would be so neat to be pregnant at the same time as your sister. I hope someday my sisters and I will be able to coordinate our "schedules"!

ashley schmutz said...

i LOVE all the pictures! Your family is so fun! It was FABULOUS to see you.. twice. Thank goodness for nordstrom or I would have NEVER been able to see you!