I've Got The Blues

If you had come over last night, you would have witnessed me in bed, in pajamas, big heaping bowl of rocky road ice cream, all alone, watching The Cosby Show (Steve's favorite). 

I'm like a little lost puppy.  Husband has been gone for two days and I am dying here. Its not only that I'm home alone, without my Steve, or that its been raining/hailing/dark non-stop the past two days, but that I am PREGNANT to boot.  There is something about that little aspect of my life that makes it even harder. Why is that? Am I physically drawn to him because he is the father of my unborn child? Is the baby missing him and hormonally making that very evident? 

I don't know, but I sure do miss him. 

Come home Steve.


The Bobos said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling blue. The hormones make you more emotional than normal so when hubby is gone it feels like the end of the world. How long is he going to be gone for? Richard has been gone for 3 weeks and I still have 6 weeks to go. So if you need someone to talk to who can relate, I'm only a phone call away! I hope you feel better!

D+B said...

Dayna!! It was soo fun seeing you the other night! You look beautiful! I am so excited for the big news about your little baby...congrats!

Nathan, Amy & Kate Romney said...

Dayna!!! So sad! I am so sorry. hope you're not alone for too long. Your post totally made me want to bring you cookies or something, but I'm in Maryland right now! It is so fun when you have Baby and then when Hubby leaves, you're not completely alone! (Something to look forward to, right??)