This Makes Me Sick

Is this guy really about to be our President?!

I got this forward today from a friend of mine that I wanted to share with the anyone that reads my blog:

- - - - -
Dear Family and Friends,
As most of you know, last night Obama made a public announcement that he is going to sign the Freedom Of Choice Act, which will allow all types of abortions including partial birth abortions, also allowing babies who are born alive due to botched up late term abortions, to be set aside without any medical care or nourishment and left to die (most of these babies have no medical problems and most of the ones that do, have things like cleft palates, club feet, things that are correctable, still they are murdered in the most cruel and inhuman way. They feel everything that is happening to them. There is more mercy for dogs that are put to sleep) This Bill also will make it mandatory for doctors and nurses to perform this murderous act even if they do not want to do so. This act also allows under age teens to have an abortion, even partial birth abortions, without parental consent.

Catholic Bishops have pleaded with Obama not to go ahead with this horrible murder of innocent babies. They have also told Obama that if he persists in signing this Bill which would require even Catholic Hospitals to perform these acts of murder, they will have no choice but to close all Catholic Hospitals. Please let us join with these courageous Bishops who will go to any length to change Obama's mind. Please take a minute to sign this statement and let our voices be heard.

This is a great, informative website. You can click on the video of Obama's speech to the Planned Parenthood group where he promised that the first thing he would do if elected President would be to sign the Freedom Of Choice Act. He isn't even in the White House yet and he made a statement last night that he will go forward with his plans to sign this outrageous bill. He still can change his mind because the Bill cannot be signed until he is actually the President.

Please let your family and friends know about this Bill and ask them to also sign this petition. Even those who voted for Obama would not want him to sign this Bill. May God have mercy on our country for the sake of the millions who would never agree with this Bill if they fully understood all that it encompasses. Please click on the web site below. It will take less than a minute of your time, doesn't cost anything and God will bless you for standing up for Him and His teachings.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing"

http://www.fightfoca.com/ (you can also watch Barack's statement on there)

- - - - - 

I can't believe that they are fighting for "Freedom of Choice." Freedom of choice?! This is outrageous!  I mean, why don't we just call it the Freedom to Kill Act that allows anyone the choice to kill others (I mean, killing is a choice right and thats what we're fighting for, the freedom to choose!). I mean, hello, we don't want our freedom or choices suppressed by the government, right? I should be able to choose to kill other people if I want to, especially if I don't want them around, or want to take care of them, or if they will possibly impede on my future freedom. I mean, duh, this is a free land and I should be free to choose to do whatever the heck I want and shouldn't have to be held responsible for choices I make because I should have the choice to make life easier for myself by choosing to kill whomever I choose.  I mean in all reality I should be able to kill my child no matter what age they are (like maybe when they get to be teenagers and are so burdensome and totally restricting my freedom), because hello I brought them into the world so I should have the freedom to choose when and how I take them out of it.

(I think I made my point).

If any one of you find this making you sick to your stomach, go now to the website and sign the petition. It only takes a second.


Nathan, Amy & Kate Romney said...

I'm so glad you put this on your blog, Dayna. I just got the email today too, and seriously, there's just no other way to describe it--the whole thing makes me SICK. I was watching my sweet little baby sleep while I read it and I just started crying! How can anyone (especially someone with KIDS of his own?!?) support this???

Angie said...

i love what you said, i completely agree! this is ridiculous! i really can't believe what is going on. thanks for the info, i never keep up with the news and had no idea.

Angie said...

also... who did your wedding invitations? I wanted to refer to his website for ideas because I'm helping my friend with hers. thanks!

Becky and Garrett said...

amen sista!

Meg said...

I agree with your points, and I am totally against abortion...but, before you believe everything in that email forward go to snopes.com. All the information is not accurate and many of the claims are false. I also believe that a President who engages our Country in unnecessary war (war mainly for the profit of many American Corporations and interests) is also guilty of taking away innocent life and shows a disregard for the miracle of life...just as equally disturbing and horrible.

Steve and Dayna said...

Meg, I went to the website. The example email they have circulating around is very different then the one I mentioned here. There is quite a bit more false info in the one on the website. However, I do see that the notion on Catholic Hospitals forced to comply, and the one on partial abortions are up for debate and the wording in the Act is pretty ambiguous. I see your point, but I still think its pretty disturbing. Thanks for letting me know about that website- its pretty neat, and I will definitely use it again in the future!