Why My Husband Needs to Get His Rear End Home NOW
Reason #5032

I had to capture THIS today, BY MYSELF:

(Not actual mouse)
 (You think I'd be crazy enough to actually get close and take a picture?!)

I was literally hyperventilating when I saw it.  My first reaction was to call Steve.  I mean, hello, he would have full responsibility if he were were. 

If he were here. 

Sick. I thought I was going to barf. 

But guess what, I'm tough.

And right now it is currently underneath a huge metal bowl with a huge heavy album sitting on top.

You know, to prevent escape.  

Took me nearly 30 minutes to muster up the courage. 

I'd say it was a job well done. 

Now Steve needs to get his rear end home ASAP and dispose of this nasty, creepy critter. 

I'm sorry mouse, but you are NOT cute. 

Seriously, EW

(and for reals, check out the tail. Disgusting!)


The Bobos said...

EW I HATE MICE THEY ARE THE WORSE! I am so sorry! Ick ick ick. Is it still in your kitchen!?

The McKinleys said...

oh my goodness dayna!!! two nights ago we had one in our kitchen too! danny saw it but before he could get to it, the sick critter ran into the bathroom. we thought we had him cornered...but apparently there is a hole behind our toilet--the perfect size for a mouse. so now everytime i go to the bathroom i check basically every corner. haha. i'm proud of you for catching him though! when i saw the mouse i just screamed.

Esther Noelle said...

Oh Dayna that sounds absolutely horrible!! Are you ok?? I am so sorry! I would be such a wreck if I ever saw a mouse and Rob wasn't home. good luck with that!

Annie P said...

I am seriously impressed. I think I would have moved out for the night. I can't even stand the thought of them. One day we had one run into our pantry. I was instantly standing on the couch calling Kenyon and begging him to drive all the way home to deal with it. He didn't come immediately and it was torture. I wanted to run away.

Do you have a good neighbor that could come help you?

Shannon and Kevin said...


Nathan, Amy & Kate Romney said...

DAYNA--YOU ARE SO CUTE. This post totally made my day. Reminded me of a night up at the lakehouse when my brother-in-law and I rigged a mouse-catcher with a golf tee, some dental floss and a tupperware container. Caught the little critter, too--then released him in the neighbor's yard since no one had the heart to kill him. (Shhh!!!)

Becky said...

ahh i am so sorry! but i have to tell you, i was cracking up reading this! i mean, having to catch a mouse in it of itself is creepy enough. but doing it while pregnant? way to go!

Kiss Kiss said...

HAHAHAHA. I love mice. I'll have to tell you stories about how I'd catch wild mice in California...you should have called me!

ashley schmutz said...

We have had three mouse sightings in our apt this year.... SO SICK! And for some reason, Mason has never seen it. It's like the mouse is playing a game with me. Only coming out when I am watching. I think the mouse thinks it's funny when Mason doesn't believe me! well, I have set traps, gotten out the peanut butter, put crumbs in a little pile on the floor... HOW DID YOU CATCH IT??? I have no idea how you did it, but the fact that you did it amazes me. Please fill me in on your mouse catching skills. They are SO FILTHILY disgusting! I totally agree with you on the tail. SICK NASTY

Julianne said...

siiiiiick. I'm so sorry.

Shanna said...

I've found myself on a chair or two in the past. Yuck. What if it ran up your pant leg! How did you get rid of it (when Steve got home, of course)?