Birthday Spotlight: Ashley soon to be Stewart

It was Ashley's 22nd Birthday yesterday. I love my Ash. Here are 10 reasons why:
1. She is kindhearted to everyone she knows and meets.
2. She has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh so hard.
3. She has a way of instantly connecting with others so that they feel comfortable to talk to her about anything.
4. She's h-o-t-t hot!
5. She loves the gospel and its always a treat to have deep spiritual discussions with her.
6. She has always been a true and blue friend from the first time I met her (which was a loooong time ago)
7. She loves to eat. So do I. So we eat together. A lot.
8. She loves snuggling up to a movie with me with popcorn and chocolate. (she is a great snuggler)
9. She is a constant in my life. I always know I can count on her for anything. 
10. She really is just the BEST!

For her birthday dinner we went to Sakura Grill. The food was delish and it was fun watching our crazy chef Marc prepare all the food (with "japanese humor" to boot). 

Afterwards we had cake and icecream at her apartment. I may or may not have had 3-4 slices...

It was a great night spent in honor of a great girl.

Happy Birthday Ash! I love you!


The Romneys said...

That's so funny--yesterday was my birthday too! I had no idea Ash and I had the same birthday... Happy belated birthday, Ashley!

Angie said...

i just saw ashley's engagements on matt clayton's blog and they are incredible! i so wish i would've known about that guy when i got married. he's amazing. she and her fiance look like supermodels!

ashley said...

you are really getting good at your photography! that looks like you guys had so much fun. So, I was just home for the week and I saw Shannon and your cute nephew. He is adorable!

Mary Martha said...

Thats so nice. She will be a beautiful bride. You take amazing pics!