I am obsessed. Obsessed with all things house/home/baby related. Is this called "nesting?" If so, I've got it bad.

I spend hours a day on these websites drooling covetously over all things we could never afford:

(home furnishings/decorations)
(cutest baby stuff ever)

But seriously, how cute is this stuff?

And just wait until you see the adorable baby things I've gaga'd over- once I find out what I'm having. Which will be this Monday by the way (can't wait). 

(sigh) Some day... some day.......


Esther Noelle said...

You find out on MONDAY???? Yipeeee!!! You looked so cute at the basketball game! :) Love all the nesting!! It's so fun, huh?

The Romneys said...

I hear you, sister. No joke, I could NOT think about anything else for literally my entire pregnancy. While I was still working, I would spend HOURS browsing the Internet looking at cute cribs and clothes and little accessories. I read BabyCenter like it was my job (and considering I was at work, it really sort of felt like it was!). I mean, I would go through that cool "How big is your baby?" thing over and over and over, dreaming about the day my little pumpkin would actually be the size of a little pumpkin! I had it SO bad. But you know what--that is the BEST way to be! This is the coolest, most exciting thing we'll ever do as women, hands down, and it is so, so, so fun to see someone like you be SO excited about it. Pregnancy is AWESOME! So obsess as much as you want. :)

P.S. I can't wait to find out what you're having!

J and Rachel Kirkham said...

I was the same way - constantly looking at stuff I wanted but could never afford. I will tell you this now though...save your pennies for TWO very important things...
1. My Brest Friend - greatest nursing pillow on the planet. They are like $80 but worth every freaking penny
2. Madela Automatic Breast Pump - when your milk comes in sometimes you can't feed the kid enough to keep up with the flow and you NEED to pump. Invest in this thing...I wish I had because now the $279 is creeping up on me.

Put them on your registry too. No one ever buys you the boobie related stuff but if you have it on there then you can take advantage of the discount you'll get as you get closer to your due date!

Hey, don't you find out what you're having soon? I think you'll have a boy but that's just a guess! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!

ashley said...

I am guilty of the same thing. I knew by the first picture that it was all anthropologie. Mason gets emabrrassed.. And I'm not even prego! One day is RIGHT!