My friend Amy tagged me.  This tag consists of finding the sixth folder in my pictures, finding the sixth picture in the folder, and then blogging about it.  My computer got wiped clean a few months ago so most of my pictures are recent- which may not be as fun as finding some awesome old photo of myself- in fact, some of you may even remember this one:

This is a picture of my brother-in-law Kevin and his little boy Jordan, taken over the summer when we were all in MD for Crystal's wedding. The night this picture was taken we had just eaten at Rio Grande and were walking around Bethesda.  My favorite thing about this picture is, well, actually there are many things:
1. They are wearing matching shirts
2. Jordy's in it and for anyone that knows me and my love for my nephew knows that a picture with Jordy is a favorite. 
3. The fun city in the background.
4. Brings back lovely memories of summer warmth.
5. And lastly, not to mention my little sister fixing her hair in the background (if you look closely)

Now I am to tag 6 people:
And you lovely 6 are....
1. Crystal Gilliam
2. Rachel Kirkham
3. Mary Martha Checketts
4. Krystyna Davies
5. Lauren Magleby
6. Ashley Schmutz


The Romneys said...

Wow--you are FAST! Thanks for doing this! Your nephew is adorable--I always love seeing pics of him on your blog. Your picture makes me miss Maryland even more. :( And P.S. I'm so sorry about your computer. Did you totally lose everything or was any of it backed up??? A few years ago I accidentally deleted my ENTIRE picture folder, and it was so huge that instead of going to the recycling bin, it was completely deleted off my computer. Cool, huh? I'm a moron. Definitely won't make THAT mistake again.

Mary Martha said...

oh geez!! I'm not very good at this stuff....

The Romneys said...

By the way, I don't know if you'd be at all interested, but Laura Lund (the Hypnobabies lady) has these little meetings every other month to promote natural childbirth--basically just an informal setting where women meet and talk about their birth experiences or hopes and kind of provide support and information for each other. No pressure if you're not interested, but just in case, here's the link for more info:


Shannon and Kevin said...

I LOVE this photo!