My Birfday

My 23rd birthday yesterday began by waking up to this lovely number:
Gorgeous pink and white roses given by my hubbernator- they light up our room

And ended with a party:
(Lauren and Mike)

Theme: Baby Bump Birthday (guys and girls)
Attendees: (really wish I got a group shot cause I don't have a picture of everyone there) Friends and family with good humor
Location: Pizza Factory in Provo
Activities: Prizes went to closest bump to me (winner: my sis Lauren), and most real looking baby bump (winner: sis in law Lauren)

Some of the finest bumps of the evening include...

Me with my "prego" sisters Lauren and Crystal

Mike and Laur

Ashley and Andrew

Some of my absolute favorite photos of the night (special thanks to the "photographer" Joshie Pratt)

And lastly a shout out to this man for coming up with the brilliant idea. Love you babe!

All in all one hilariously fun birfday

But what do you think baby girl will say when she sees these when she's older?


Shannon and Kevin said...

What a funny party idea! I'm glad your guests got into it. And what a GREAT husband you have! Roses in the morning??!! Awesome! Dayn, you looked so cute on your birthday - just a beaming mother-to-be! LOVE YOU!

The Romneys said...

Dayna, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I didn't know our birthdays were so close! Looks like you had an awesome day--what a fun (and funny) idea for a party. Major points for Steve--and WOW, those are some gorgeous flowers.

Mary Martha said...

that so much fun. you always come up with the cutest themed bday parties. your bump is adoreable too.

Jen Richards said...

Dayna! So glad you had such a fun day!! Wish we could have been there :( I cannot believe you are only 23? How am I 4 years older than you? Props for Steve for putting that together- what a creative idea! Love you!

Becky said...

props to steve. that is AWESOME! happy birthday dayna. you are one beautiful little mommy and i cant wait for your little one to come. keep enjoying that bump!

Esther Noelle said...

Wow this looks like a hilarious party!!! Great pictures!! Happy Birthday!!!