Rex Lee Run

Steve and I ran (ok, fine, walked) the 5k Rex Lee Run for cancer yesterday. With me being prego and Steve's ankle tweaked from practice the day before we decided to take it easy. In fact, just to show you how far FAR in the back of the run we were I will give you a few details to give you the idea.  Steve and I laughed as we were passed by: 
- A five year old running with his Dad
- Mom's pushing their jogging strollers
- An eight year old in church shoes/skirt
- A 40 year old in "mom jeans"
- (and my favorite) A handicapped woman in a wheelchair (however, I justify this one because it was an electric wheelchair so technically she didn't have to exert much energy for the race, right?)

We placed 1,378(me) and 1,379 (Steve let me beat him, again) and it only took us 45 minutes and 50 seconds!  Go us!  
We had fun doing it with a couple friends of ours and even ran into my brother Taylor at the race. It was neat to see SO many people there supporting the cause, even on a frigid cold day. 

To read our experience of the 10k last year click here


Mary Martha said...

that is hillarious. I would of loved to have done that. I was actually on a jog and I was noticing all the orange cones but had no idea what was up. And then all the sudden it was a stamped coming towards me... I was going the wrong way. ha! It must of been the front of the crowd cause they were hauling it.

I'm glad to know you will there in the group. ANd you got a shirt to claim for it!

Shannon and Kevin said...

Way to go!! You guys are awesome!

Esther Noelle said...

I am so impressed!!! Good job!