Dear Steve,

Since we hardly get to talk for very long each day with your work and practice taking up your time all stinkin' day long (boo), I thought I'd post a little note to you on here with a recap of what your wifey and Jaynie girl did today. First of all, the weather was beautiful, sunny, and warm (yes, I was wearing sunscreen). We were going to take Jordy to the zoo to see all the animals but our plans quickly changed when we saw how jampacked it was with people today... there was an insanely long line of buses and cars just to get into the parking lot! So we ditched that idea and instead went to this really cool playground. Jordy loved it. So did we... as you can see by the following photos....

{doesn't he look so big here?}

We met up with my Dad for lunch at Ichiban (the sushi place near his VA office, yeah, I know what you're thinking). I had the "utah roll" because guess what I just so happen to miss Utah (just a little) and only because you are there.  The food was yummy and baby was satisfied (she takes after me in that area I guess). 

After dinner we went on another walk in the neighborhood. I love going on walks around here. It is so pretty I can hardly stand it. I think we need to end up somewhere that has big trees, rolling hills, and pretty colonial homes (ps. Shannon said Georgia was everything I had told her it would be- she's already agreed to move there with us- the plan is in motion already). Any way, we had fun on our little walk...Jordy is mr.independent and liked to push the stroller around- by himself.
{i can't get enough of his cheezy smile}

We even got a picture of me with my insanely large bump, aka baby girl (do you like how my shirt just barely makes it over). She kicks and rolls all day long. I know she's missing you're voice and touch. For now she gets lots of lovin' from the other kiddos around here. You can see the tape on my leg where my stitches are. Nice, huh. My Dad says it should heal nicely (we should get the test results back tomorrow to find out whether that lovely mole was not so lovely after all-hopefully the former).
When did my bump all of a sudden get so freakin big?!! I don't know how its suppose to get any bigger and I already feel ready to bust.
I wish I could be with you snuggling up to AI. I'm anxious to see who goes home tonight.  I love how you love that show with me. 
Tomorrow wedding festivities begin. I wish you could be here to enjoy it all with me. The romantic lovey-dovey air that will surely be present this weekend is going to make me miss you like crazy. Only one more week. I love you. 

your wifey


Jen Richards said...

Dayna! Looks like you guys are having SO much fun in MD- wish I was there!! You look so good (it looks like you have a basketball tucked under that white shirt since your legs are so skinny!) and it seems like you are feeling great as well. Thanks so much for the sweet Mother's Day post- you are so cute! Cannot wait for you to me a mom too! You are going to love it and are going be such a wonderful mommy :)

Crystal and Morgan said...

please post videos!