playground and an ice cream cone

for my last day in maryland we went to a nearby playground to let jordy run around. afterwards we went to the village to get an ice cream cone. i couldn't get over this little boy's enthusiasm smothering himself in his chocolate vanilla swirl ice cream. {i know, i'm a little obsessed}.

saying goodbye to my family brought a feeling of mixed emotions. i was so excited to be back with steve but sad to be away from my family and my little nephew as each day was filled with something fun. however, they're coming out here in two weeks so it wasn't much of a goodbye at all as i'll be seeing them soon. it was a great two weeks at home. i especially enjoyed spending time with my little jordy {can you tell?}. sometimes {ok a majority of the time} i really wish he were mine. shannon keeps telling me that with how much i love jordy just wait until jayne comes. if i really am going to love jayne more {which is hard to imagine as i have serious love for that boy} than she better be ready for some major lovin'. 

by the way... did you know i have less than two months left? Only 7 weeks. Less than 50 days. holy cow. i am so excited.


Shannon and Kevin said...

He has the best "big smile", you captured it perfectly. Unfortunately, that top picture isn't the best of me...
can't wait to see you in utah!!

lyns said...

Your sister is right....it's amazing how much you can love your kids!