sure feels like summer round here

i started the day off at a baby shower for my friend jenn. she is due any day now really. i wish i had a picture to share (forgot to bring camera). she is too cute with her bump (and about ready to pop). i'm a tad jealous that she is so close. ok fine i'm really jealous. but then i realized i have only two more months to go. two months people. i smile every time i think about it. 

later in the afternoon i took ryan to his soccer game. i got some fun action shots (#3). watching him made me think of steve who is playing a game in california right now (i sure miss him). it was really hot today but it was pleasant sitting outside in the shade watching him play. 
sure feels like summer round here.

we had a cook out in the backyard to end the day. perfect weather. even greater company. yummy food for me and baby. (doesn't get much better than that, right?)

cookouts in the backyard are the epitome of summer days. i am loving that feeling. all in all one great day.

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Angie said...

looks like you're having so much fun with your family in maryland! are you missing steve? I have never been away from Klane for more than a weekend until now and it's so strange! i don't know how you do it! have fun out there!