My sister Shannon and her little boy Jordan came to stay with me in Provo for the past three weeks.  It was perfect for me to have them here as it made what could have been a long month of pregnancy go by so fast. It was the best having fun stuff to do each day with these two.  It was so nice to not be all alone while Steve works and just relax and have fun. My sister was also an angel in helping me get ready for the baby to come. We got SO much done that probably would have been put off to the last minute if she wasn't here to help me do it. They left early this morning and I couldn't be more distressed and sad. I will admit I am a bawling mess and would give anything to have them be here right now. I miss them like crazy already. So, in my downer mood I wanted to reminisce and blog about all the fun we had while they were here. 

(Jordy in the airport on his way to visit)

Our days were spent with....

Picnics with family (Jordan with his cousin Weston and his mama)

Walks around the neighborhood....

... stopping to see and feed the ducks (he loved this)

Walks to the creamery. Jordan all bundled up (and probably asleep) as we spot a rainbow.

Celebrated Jordy's 2nd birthday with Breakfast at Magleby's...

...and a pool party at my in-laws. 

Took him to see the poppy fields

Cheered for Steve at the soccer games..

... he loves soccer and soccer balls. 

Went to see Jordy's other Grandpa's fire truck. 

Went to the Arts Festival Fair in Springville. It downpoured on us but it was still a treat with funnel cake and watching Jordy go on the rides. 

I got to wake up to this every day. Jordy usually snuggled up in blankets watching "vroom vroom" (the movie Cars)

We went to the Strawberry Days Rodeo. Jordy loved the dirt bike jumps at the end.

Went to a nearby community pool. Jordy loved wearing my sunglasses. 

More walks... this one along the Provo river. 

Went to a friend's wedding reception and met Mitt Romney. (I know, kind of random, but we felt really cool!!!)

Best of all was seeing this face every day. I love my little nephew so much (I think if he really understood the extent of my love he would probably be a little concerned). It was such a treat having him here with me for three weeks. As much as I know these next two weeks will be a good time for me to prepare myself for my little girl to get here, I still wish Jordy were mine forever.  He is such a sweet loving little boy. Shan, thank you so much for making the past three weeks so fun for me. It was so nice just chillin', hanging out, and going out to do things each day with you.  I wish you lived here so bad.  You were so AMAZING to help me get so much done (from baby stuff to motivating me to work on my I.S.). I know I could not have done nearly as much without you here. I am so glad you were able to come out and I really hope we can make this an annual (or biannual...triannual..) tradition. It could be "camp utah" for Shan and Jordy. What do you think? 

I love you guys so much and miss you already. 


Brittany and Derek said...

Wow- 3 weeks! That sure is fun!!! And you are right- Jordan is so cute and seems like he'd be so fun/funny to be around. You are looking great by the way!

whitney said...

Babyticker says just 14 DAYS!! HOLY COW! I am so so sooo excited for you Dayna! Her room is so precious.

The Romney Family said...

I'm so sorry they had to leave. :( Isn't that always the saddest thing about getting together with family? I'm glad you had so much fun, though. Too bad we never ran into each other at the duck pond! (We're there like every day--sad how few attractions Provo has, huh?)

On the up side, at least you are down to LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!!

The Romney Family said...

P.S. How stinkin cool that you met Mitt Romney!

Shannon and Kevin said...

dayn you are so sweet. we had SO much fun in UT!! you and Steve were so generous to let us stay with you for so long and occupy your time. we definitely need to do this again soon! we love you!