one month


my baby girl was one month old on tuesday. my how the time flies. to celebrate i did this:


and to document we did this: 






at one month she is:
- more alert and awake
- sleeping less consistently at night since we came out to maryland... we'll see how she does when we get back home
- has major GAS. did anyone else struggle with this? any advice? it wakes her up at night
- loves taking naps snuggled up with mama
- more smiley
- getting cuter and cuter each day

happy one month jaynie girl! we love you!


s day said...

soooooo darling! Watch out boys cuz here comes layla and jayne! Layla has the same "bubble" problem! I've been doing Mylicon drops. You can get them at the grocery store in the baby isle or the pharmacy isle. Make sure and use the "dye free" bottle or else it leaves red stains. Also... don't use the "recommended dose" it will produce serious projectile vomit, instead just put 1-2 drops in her mouth before you feed her if your breastfeeding, or 1-2 drops in the bottle after you shake it up. The bubbles will go away! Good luck and I miss you and shan soooooo much. Have fun at the lake.

Lauren Dyer said...

Okay. First of all you have a seriously rocking body. Who are you? You just had a baby, remember???

Second, Jayne is gorgeous.

And, James was very colicky - we tried. You can try Gripe water, and mylicon, but the only thing that worked for me was cutting anything that was potentially gassy out of my diet (legumes, broccoli), and ALL dairy, so he wasnt getting any of it in his milk. It was hard in the beginning, but I barely noticed after a while. You can also try giving her a little water. That helped a lot sometimes.

J and Rachel Kirkham said...

Mylacon for the gas - greatest thing ever!!! I love her!!

Lauren Elizabeth Magleby said...

Oh my gosh I miss her so much!!! Could she be any cuter?ughh I can't wait for you guys to get home!

Lauren Elizabeth Magleby said...

Oh my gosh I miss her so much!!! Could she be any cuter?ughh I can't wait for you guys to get home!

krystyna your face said...

YAY! Happy one month! I swear she gets cuter every single day!!!

The Bobos said...

WOW. You're baby is gorgeous!! I'm not surprised, her mother is gorgeous too. Charlotte has gas, too, and it's no fun. I use Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops - those help a lot. Also, you may be eating something that gives her gas. I'm laying off of dairy and she hasn't had any major problems since. Good luck!!

Kimberly and Clay said...

I can't believe she is one month old! And where did you find that cute black and white headband?

Angie said...

Annie always puts these drops in her babies' milk and it helps with the gas. I don't know what it is but she swears by it. You should ask her!

I was running past a reservoir this morning and the water was glassy smooth, and looking at it I had this overwhelming urge to go skiing. I had this out of body experience imagining the feeling of making a really great cut... oh I love it so much! Your picture made me smile.

Anonymous said...

Our baby has gas too. It's awesome!

Michael said...

Jayne is probably sneaking beans when you're not looking.

shes so cute.

The Romney Family said...

Dayna, what a little doll! She's just so beautiful. She looks so much older already. I am dying seeing pictures of you skiing. I wish I were back there!

Sorry I can't offer any advice on the gas--I was pretty lucky in that area with Kate. But it sounds like plenty of other people have wise words of wisdom for you, so you're probably set! Good luck and have a great trip!