see jayne go crazy on her playmat

jayne's new favorite toy: her playmat. she is obsessed! we brought it back from maryland in hopes it would give her some entertainment during her awake time. it is more than entertainment- it is her favorite thing ever. this video really doesn't even do it justice because we took it after she was on it for awhile. she is most excited when she first gets on it after her nap. she smiles like crazy, thrashes her arms and legs all over the place, and squeals with delight. it is so funny to watch. sorry the video is really crappy- we did it from the computer and the lighting was horrible. we'll try to get another clip on a better camera but this is all we have for now... enjoy!


J and Rachel Kirkham said...

That is the absolute cutest thing ever!! I love it and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!!!

ashley said...

I cannot get over how AMAZING you look! You model of a mom, you! I seriously am so motivated. THANK YOU for motivating me! you need to let me in on all of your tricks.

Also, thank you so much for filling me in on the baby bedding. I am off to Babys R US as soon as I can to get that! Thanks again.

Shannon and Kevin said...

she has a voice!!! i can't believe all her sounds! She is already getting so big - oh my gosh! I miss her!