restaurant review


steve and i had dinner at this new burger place in town called stumpy burger. we always drove by it on center street on our way to the highway and have wanted to see what its all about for awhile. after checking reviews online that said stuff like "best burger in town" i knew we had to go. it definitely met if not exceeded my expectations. the burger was REALLY REALLY good. the meat tastes so fresh and has the best flavor. the restaurant itself is pretty cool too. the menu is simple- they don't even offer lettuce and tomato because according to the owners "it distracts from the flavor of the burger." and its not a bad deal. for just a little over six bucks you can get a burger, fries, and drink. they also have their own signature burger sauce. and did i mention that the owners who work there wear racoon tails on their bums? if there food wasn't so good i might have been a little creeped out...


my review? "best burger in town." and i'll definitely be going back. very soon.

you should go try it.

these guys liked it too.



pictures courtesy of steve's iphone


Shannon and Kevin said...

why are you guys the cutest family in the world??? i'll have to check it out when we come in december.

The Romney Family said...

We'll definitely have to check that place out--thanks for the tip. I can tell Jayne reeeeeally liked it, especially.

Esther Noelle said...

I will have to try it! Sounds good and cheap - perfect! And Rob would TOTALLY agree - the lettuce and stuff is a waste of time! :)