the big 21


Today is my sister Crystal's 21st birthday! I can't believe how old that sounds... 21! I remember when Crystal was a little 7 year old running around in Umbro shorts and oversized t shirts, her curly mop on her head bouncing around while playing around the house. she was such a tom boy. now look at the woman she has become! Crystal, you have become one amazingly beautiful young woman. You are so talented in so many areas (singing, dancing, decorating to name a few..), you have such a fun yet mature personality, you are smart, creative, and a wonderful sister, wife, friend, and I also know that when you get that bun in the oven you are going to be one amazing mother. You have developed some incredible attributes that are going to take you so far in this life and the next. Love you Crystal. Happy 21st Birthday!


Crystal and Morgan said...

AWWW! Thanks Dayna and Jayne!! I loooove you!!!

The Romney Family said...

Oh my gosh, that is SUCH a cute picture of her, Dayna.

Happy Birthday, Crystal! 21 is an awesome year!