i am lovin'


the beautiful sunny and clear sky weather we have been having these past few days

and little chicky facing forward in the baby bjorn. she is getting so big!


Jennifer said...

Hey! I loved your pics from Halloween!! Looks like the best party- wish we could have been there :) And little Jayne was the cutest thing I have ever seen in her lobster costume! Your in-laws are SO funny for getting that for her..I LOVED it! I cannot believe how big she is getting and every picture I see she gets more and more beautiful. Miss you guys!!

Jennifer said...

that last comment was from me (Jen) not sure why is says Jennifer?

Whitney Elizabeth said...

Dayna, I have the biggest favor ever to ask you...whats your email??

callie said...

you are the cutest, most stylin' little mama. and your "accesory" is pretty adorable as well