2010 resolutions.

1. no soda (goodbye shirley temples)
2. finish school by july 1 (or else...)
3. 1/2 marathon in april (anyone want to join me?)
4. wasatch back race in june (already registered)
5. marathon in the fall (yikes)

now you can all hold me to it. wish me luck.

and happy new year!


Kimberly and Clay said...

Hi! I am running a 10k in June - I would do the half marathon with you but I don't think I will be quite ready for that one yet - dang! What is the Wasatch Back? We need to talk. Will you be home Monday? If so - come on over for a lunch party! I'll do the food this time.

Crystal said...

I would love to do the half marathon! Call me. Also, I love your guys picture on your blog so cute! How did you change it?

Brittany Simmons said...

Love to- but i'll be like 8 months pregnant. Go get em though! After baby #2 I'd like to do another 1/2 marathon or ragnar race too!

Mary Martha said...

i want to do the half with u. when and where? i'm serious!

Angie said...

Woah, a marathon! Good luck! After finishing a Half I was like, "Never will I ever have the desire to run TWICE this distance! Ever!" So I have great respect for marathoners. You are amazing. It will be such a fun and motivating thing for you to do! GOOD LUCK!