meeting cousin james

jayne met her little boy cousin james for the first time last week. my sister in law jen was in park city with her family over christmas break so as soon as we got back from the bahamas we met up to see the little guy (unfortunately my brother bryson left the very same day we got back so we just barely missed him. bummer!). let me tell you- little james is not so little. this cute boy is bigger than jayne and three months younger! even though he's a stocky baby boy, he definitely has the most mild tempered personality. i LITERALLY did not hear him cry once the three hours we were there. not once! he is just so "chill" and content doing whatever. he is so cute. i loved getting to hold him and kiss him (finally!). it was also so much fun getting to see danny (james' older brother). he is such a chatterbox and has so much energy and he says the funniest things. like when i told him he's "such a big boy!" and he replies, "no. i wittle." we had some fun taking pictures of the two and getting them "nunie" (nakey) for some diaper shots as well. danny didn't want to miss out on any of the fun and without us knowing had stripped down to his bare bum to join the other nunie guys. ha!

jen's mom was sooooo incredibly wonderful to have us up for an amazing meal that night. we had such a great time. jen- we loved seeing you and james and danny and wished we lived closer. thanks again for having us up!

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