iphone moments

just some fun photos taken recently.

jayne loving the izzy bottle.

the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree.

steve and i at the byu vs. utah game. so much fun.

the big crowd. the stadium was completely full. it was so fun to see.

byu wore pink sneakers and had pink on their jerseys in support for "coaches for cancer". their coach had cancer this past summer.

on sunday we had dinner up at my uncles. we saw my grandma there, or jayne's great grandma. i wanted to get a picture of them but jayne wouldn't really hold still (hence the blurry jayners).

fun times, fun times.


Shannon and Kevin said...

you get to do the funnest things!!! i can't believe how long your hair is!! you look HOT! love you!

ashley said...

totally agree with shannon- you look fabulous! And your hair is beautiful! Dayna, I am in LOVE with your daughter! She is so darn cute. Next time I see you, will you show me a thing or two about taking pictures? I LOVE all the photo shoots you have with Jayne. She is so precious! By the way- how do you like sewing class? I LOVED that class, but that lab took up every second of my spare time!!! Still, I am so glad I took it. Hopefully you're loving it too!

Angie said...

I like the phone camera posts because they're so "in the moment". It really gives a fun look into day to day life. And you are gorgeous!

Brittany Simmons said...

so you went back to blond pretty quickly! i feel like there's a fine line with the brunette thing, and then i started to feel super pasty with orange hair. like the new look though!