vinny's birth story

this birth story is very very different from this birth story.

more so than just the fact that he was 10 days early and a complete surprise.

why, you ask?

well, let me start from the beginning.

you may wanna pop some popcorn if you plan on reading this cause its quite the lengthy version...

it was valentine's day and steve and i had special plans to have a romantic dinner at home that night. he was in charge of the steaks and i was in charge of the sides and i had just been cooking and getting ready for that most of the day. i put jayne down for a nap around 2 and she didn't fall asleep until around 3 after which i started getting some cleaning done around the house. after putting some laundry in i was chattin' with the boys in the basement (the CALLE office is in the basement of our home) and sitting on the stairs. afterwards i went up to put away some of the laundry when i noticed my right leg was getting all sorts of tingly and numb. i didn't think anything of it really as i figured it had just fallen asleep from sitting on the stairs for a little while talking to the guys. i wiggled it around a bit and went downstairs to unload the dishwasher. i then noticed that my right hand was tingling and getting numb but just thought maybe the baby was sitting in a weird position causing the sensation. after unloading a few dishes i noticed that i started feeling kind of dizzy. at this point i started thinking 'something isn't quite right...' so i called downstairs for steve to come upstairs. i told him what was up and he had me lie down on the couch and brought me some water. at this point the tingling sensation had moved up to the right side of my face and my tongue was going numb. i started feeling a little frightened and wanted steve to call my dad (who is a dr.) to get his opinion on what i should do/if i should be worried/etc. etc. as i tried to tell steve to call my dad my words would not come out right- they were all jarbled and mixed up. i could form the words in my mind, but i couldn't get them out with my mouth. it was very frightening and i just started bawling. soon enough the speech came back to normal and i was able to call my dad. i knew my dad would give me the best advice, and he is known for never jumping to any serious conclusions, so it definitely took me by surprise when after relaying my symptoms to him he told me to "go to the ER immediately" and that i "might have had a stroke."

not the words you're really hoping to hear on valentine's day... and when you're prego..... am i right?

i kept thinking how badly i DID NOT want to go to the ER. here steve and i were getting ready for our romantic dinner, which we decided to do at home to save some money since we had a new baby on the way.. and the last thing i wanted to do was drop a couple hundred with our copay by going to the ER. i am 24 years old for goodness sakes!!! i could not possibly have had a stroke!!!  i told my dad i was going to call my OBGYN to just see what she had to say. sure enough, i got those same terrible words... "go straight to the ER, you may possibly have had a stroke."

well the decision was made and so steve quickly called his best buddy (after being unsuccessful in reaching any of our siblings) josh to come stay with jayne so he could take me to the hospital. he was over at our place quickly and we pretty much just ran out the door.

when we got to the ER they had us sign in and asked me what had happened. i felt really out of it and had some difficulty answering their questions, but after they got the general idea they quickly set me up to get an MRI to make sure that i didn't have a brain clot or a tumor (awesome). at this point i was still expecting to be home in an hour or so to finish our meal and get on with my life (i was kind of in denial at this point that anything was wrong, ha).

after the MRI (which took about 30 minutes or so) they were wheeling me back to my room when i noticed my right hand was going tingly again. i informed the nurse who went to go get the doctor. soon enough my tongue went numb again and my face was all tingly. the doctor came in and informed me that my MRI had come back clear (no brain clot or tumor- yay!!!) and started asking me some questions, and sure enough i couldn't talk without sounding completely retarded (and i mean that in the most respectful, honest and truthful way). i could form the words in my head but they wouldn't come out right. my letters would be mixed up and backwards. it is a very trippy and scary feeling. so i just started crying and didn't know what to do. now that the doctor had witnessed my craziness first hand and knew something was seriously wrong, he told me that i needed to stay overnight so they could run some more tests. i was so sad that we were going to miss our valentine's day dinner (silly, but true) and dreaded the thought of staying overnight in a cold hospital room.

if you imagine me being an emotional wreck at this point you'd be right. i didn't know what was wrong with my body, i was scared, i was worried about the baby inside me, my baby at home, and my missed holiday being spent at the ER. i asked steve if he would give me a blessing to help calm me down and bring me some peace.

he said he would and that his dad was going to be there to help give the blessing.

                 (  ----- while we were at the ER Steve got a call from his Dad asking him if he would come to the same ER to help give his friend a blessing that had just gotten there with a suspected brain tumor. He had no idea that Steve and I were already at that same ER for myself. Steve told him what had happened to me and that I wanted to have a blessing as well and within a few minutes Eric and Monette were there by my side (their friend was in the room right next door!).  It was such a tender mercy. It was so nice to see Steve's parents and to receive a sweet blessing of peace. my heart was so full. it was also a blessing because monette and eric were able to pick up jayne and bring her with them to alpine since i was going to be staying at the hospital overnight. i know we were being watched over and that these "coincidences" were not really coincidences at all.)

during this whole process i started noticing some braxton hicks picking up in severity and consistency. normally i only get them when i'm walking around and standing up. i had been sitting down for a long time and they were coming and going every few minutes and picking up in strength. i told steve this and he mentioned it to the doctor. because i was staying over night they wheeled me up to labor and delivery so i could stay up there and they could monitor my contractions. they hooked me up to a monitor and noticed that i was having some pretty consistent contractions. the nursed checked my dilation and at that point i was at a 2 and 85% effaced. the ER doctor and the neurologist called my OBGYN to come and check me out and informed her about my stroke-like "episodes" that had occurred that afternoon/evening. she came in and checked me an hour later to discover that i was now at a 3+ and fully effaced.

she told me my body was in labor.

GREAT. (insert sarcasm here).

she told me she had talked to the ER doctor and neurologist and they were all very concerned about me and my "mini stroke-like" symptoms that had occurred that day. they had all personally and conclusive felt that if i were to have a third episode occur that it would be in my and baby's best interest to have an immediate C-section so further tests could be done for my health (that couldn't be done being pregnant). it was possible that my body could stop labor, but because i was progressing and because there was a risk of me having another episode, she recommended that we go with my body and speed things up so we could get the baby out vaginally and avoid any possible health risks to baby or me and the possibility of a C-section.

in other words: we were speeding up my labor and i have HAVING THE BABY.

remember how i was emotionally and physically overwhelmed in the ER? lets just take that up a notch at this point in the story shall we?


You guys, this little boy's nursery wasn't finished.
We had no newborn clothes.
We had no blankets.
We had no diapers!

I thought I had a week and a half to two more weeks to get ready and was most definitely not in a million years expecting all this to go down on valentine's day night.

but there we were in labor and delivery about to meet our little guy within a short amount of time.

we called our families (i had been communicating back and forth with my dad since we had first talked that afternoon) and informed them all that we were having the baby!  many were shocked (my sister lauren didn't even believe me at first, ha) and then so excited. our sisters (lauren, lauren, and kate) came to the hospital because they wanted to see his birth (we had told them initially that they could be there if they wanted to). because i was going to be in labor throughout the middle of the night i told them that they could go home and sleep and we'd call them when we were closer to having the baby. none of them wanted to leave and instead found places to lie down and sleep at the hospital.

my doctor broke my water at 10:30pm and i started my epidural immediately afterwards. then they put me on the smallest dose of pitocin to speed things up a bit.

       (another tender mercy: so i had told steve earlier in my pregnancy that i hoped the same anesthesiologist would be on call that was there when i was in labor with jayne. he did such an amazing job and i wanted the reassurance that i would have the same great outcome with this epidural. i've heard so many freak/scare stories about epidurals gone wrong and the last thing i wanted was to be in pain on top of everything i've already been through that day. and guess what people.... the same guy was on call that night!!!!!!!  there are 10 anesthesiologists that work at the hospital so that was no small coincidence. this guy is awesome. apparently the nurses schedule their deliveries around when this guy works- he is that good.)

i was in complete comfort and tried to sleep but i'm sure you can imagine that was very hard to do under the circumstances. i still couldn't believe that i was about to see my baby boy! my emotions of fear and unpreparedness quickly changed to feelings of excitement and anticipation. i couldn't wait to see his cute little face.

i progressed at a good pace and by around 4am was at a 7+. About a half an hour later I told Steve that I could feel something "down there" (you know what i'm talking about...). Although I was completely comfortable and had zero pain, i could sense some pressure down low and told Steve to quickly get a nurse. at that same instant my doctor came in and i told her what i was feeling and she quickly checked me and said "yup! he's practically falling out. once we get your legs open he's literally going to plop right out." Good thing she came in when she did!!!

Steve quickly called our sisters and they got there just in the nick of time. Two quick pushes (one for the head, the second for the body) and the little guy was out! I couldn't have been more grateful for such a quick delivery. It was heavenly!

Baby V came at 4:39 am on the 15th weighing a healthy 6lb 4 oz and measuring 19 1/2 inches long (and although just shy of valentine's day, he was certainly our v-day gift this year). he looked a lot like jayne did at birth with his big cheeks and lips and dark hair (but has since grown into his very own). he was a lazy breather at first (which they say is typical for early boys) but quickly got the hang of it when placed skin to skin on his momma.  he was a very lazy eater too (stark contrast to jayne) and had some issues with his blood sugar levels at the hospital but has since got the hang of eating regularly. he is the sweetest little boy and hardly ever cries (with the exception of diaper changes and the occasional desire to be held vs. put down).

It was just as life-changing bringing this sweet spirit into the world as it was with jayne. birth is such an incredible miracle, people!  it truly testifies of God. i really don't know how anyone could have a baby and not believe in God. (but thats a whole other soap box post...). we feel so incredibly blessed to have this healthy baby boy in our lives.

Its amazing the love that explodes with a new baby. I was worried I might favor jayne a little more initially just because we've had her for almost two years and have built such a close relationship with one another. boy was i wrong. the love is equal from the getgo which is such a beautiful thing, but also such a challenging one as i try to balance my motherly responsibilities between the two (more on this later..)

now you are probably wondering "so what was the deal with your crazy stroke episodes?!"

after Vincent was born they ran another couple tests on me to make sure 1. my heart was healthy and had no deformities (like a hole or a clot) and 2. an MRA which looks at my blood vessels in my brain to make sure they're pumping regularly.

once again, everything came back clear. they asked me a bunch of questions about my medical history- i am proud to say i'm pretty darn healthy. with one exception: MIGRAINES. i had migraines all the time from middle school through high school and a few during college/early marriage. they would be really intense but the only symptoms i ever had with them would be a very very intense headache, nausea, and sensitivity to light.

because there was absolutely no evidence of a stroke (no footprint of a blod clot, no problem with my heart, my brain, or blood vessels, no medical history that would point towards a stroke- PHEW!), the neurologist was convinced that what i had is something that they call a "complicated migraine"- or a migraine that mimics the same symptoms of a stroke (but with no long-term or lasting effects). he said that even though i've never had a migraine display itself in that way before, it can still happen, even if it never fully develops into a migraine (i never actually had a headache)- and in fact, he has had a number of patients who have had the same thing (although rare for a migraine to display itself in that way, it does happen!). after i got put on an IV with fluids i never had another incident- which would make sense if i was unknowingly dehydrated and having those migraine symptoms as a result. it would also make sense given my history of migraines.

it definitely seemed like a weird diagnosis at first, considering i had never even heard of a migraine that would mimic a stroke, and have never experienced anything like this in my life!  however, my dad did a little research and sent me these videos of a news anchor who experienced the same thing i did and had the same diagnosis- a complicated migraine. after watching these videos it was even more reassuring that the neurologist's diagnosis for me was right as her experience was almost identical- its definitely a little creepy watching though:





im just so grateful it wasn't anything more serious!!!  talk about a major blessing!!!

so there you have it. the long crazy birth story. pretty wild. i'm definitely glad its over and now we can just enjoy this little guy:

we sure love him. a lot. 

baby's first bath:

vinny hated it at first then realized how awesome it felt and fell asleep. notice those furrowed brows? yeah they are always like that. i don't know what this kid worries about.. but apparently he's always worried about something- i'm worried he may end up with a permanent crease there. ha!

he didn't like being scrubbed clean and screamed while i was soaping him down. it wasn't until we bundled him up in his towel that he calmed down again.

mmmm i could eat him up!

this is how we found jayne in her crib yesterday (after an hour or so of hearing her jumping in it when she should have been sleeping....). she got her feet stuck in the bars. at least it kept her from jumping and finally put her out!

ps. some of you were wondering about how early this little guy was. so my due date on my sidebar was for Mar.4th (which would make him 2 1/2 weeks early) because when i went in for my first ultrasound the nurse said that based on his size that mar.4th was a more accurate due date. however, based on my period, my due date was february 25th. i decided to go by the nurse's timeline since i figured he'd probably come a little late anyway (like jayne). when we got back from denmark though my doctor was going by feb 25th (my period date). i asked her why she wasn't going by the ultrasound and she said that she always goes by the period because its more accurate. i never changed my ticker on the blog because i didn't want to drive myself crazy if feb.25th came and went and he was a no show. so, he is technically 10 days early according to the doc if we're going by the 25th of february. get it? yeah, i know, confusing... sorry.

pps. bachelor is on tonight. i'm excited. you watching? we will be!!!


morgan and joel said...

Dana- I honestly had tears in my eyes. i read the whole thing. makes my heart swell and want one..in a few years ;) I cant believe your a mama of two beautiful babies, seems like yesterday we were in the dorms! wow time flys xxo

The McKinleys said...

oh my goodness!! those pictures are adorable! i can't get over how TINY he looks in that little bathtub. wow. we're going to have another one before we know it...i'm glad you're paving the way so i can come to you for advice :)

glad things are going well! love you!

Courtney said...

I did watch bachelor. I am ashamed. I desire Ashley to take it all.

Vinny is adorable and you are one rockin' mom.


Chelsea said...

The whole stroke thing is so weird, and it seems to be popping up everywhere lately... The news girl at te Grammys, and on Greys anatomy last week a guy had a migraine and then a stroke (maybe I shouldn't watch so much tv). Anyway, vinny is cute as can be! Congratulations, and I'm glad everything turned out ok!

Sara said...

i am so glad that everything was ok! i loved, loved the story. so many little miracles :) yay for vinny!

Angie said...

oh my gosh, what a crazy story! i went and watched those youtube videos and that was so creepy! i can only imagine how scary that would've been for you, and then to suddenly be told you were having your baby - wow! definitely a shocker. but reading the birth story made me want to have a baby so much! i am so happy it was such an easy delivery for you, two pushes, that's awesome!! he is a cutie and i'm so happy for you guys. and of course glad that you're okay!

Angie said...

oh and the bachelor! i am loving this season so much more than i thought i would when i first heard Brad was the bachelor. i can't read anyone's comments because i didn't watch last night, now i'm excited to catch up!

The Romney Family said...

WOW! I'm so glad you and Vinny are both ok--what a wild birth story! Must be wonderful to finally have him home with you, though, even with all the craziness. He is SUCH a little cutie! I could totally eat him. Hope you're feeling well and recovering nicely. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you guys out, ok? I know it can be a little crazy adjusting to two, but so so so fun!!!

ashley schmutz said...

i just cried. why? for so many reason!!!!
1. you have a healthy little boy! named VINCENT! it doesnt get better than that. 2. i was so worried about my dayna!!!! i am so grateful that you are okay! 3. i felt stressed out just reading your story. i can't even imagine how you felt throughout that night. 4. i need to finish the bachelor. consider me newly obsessed.

i am coming to utah in march and I WILL SEE YOU! i will see vinny, too! i know i always say i'll see you, but this time it's for reals! i am dying to meet your baby boy! he is GORGEOUS, dayna. congrats to you guys!

The Romney Family said...

P.S. I have to admit that I was a little bummed he didn't come on the 25th. I had Alli on your birthday, and I thought it would be pretty cool if YOU had a kid on MY birthday, too! But that's ok, mostly I'm just super happy for you guys!

Bonnie said...

Oh my goodness Dayna, that is crazy! I am so sorry you had to go though those scary episodes! I can't imagine. I'm so glad you and Vinny are okay... what a doll baby. I love the bath pictures- he looks so sweet in the tub. I can't believe he fell asleep for his first bath- Abby just cried and cried. He is so handsome, congratulations!

Michelle said...

I am so glad to hear that you are healthy and feeling better! What an experience!!! Vinny is absolutely adorable and I can't wait to see more pictures as he grows up!

Diana Hulme said...

Hi Dayna - I found your blog a while back from a friend of a friend, and stop by every once in a while (hope you don't mind!). I'm de-lurking because I wanted to say congrats on your new adorable little guy! Also...after reading your crazy story I had to tell you that I've had a somewhat similar experience. I had migraines growing up from about age 13-15-ish, really frequently (and it sounds like they were just like yours - awful headache, nausea, sensitivity to light)...anyway, they kind of went away after a while and I only have them about once a year or less now. Anyway, a couple of years ago I was on a family reunion at a lake and after being out on the boat all day, I started getting a blind spot - my signal that a migraine is coming. I went home but instead of the migraine, I had the numbness in my leg, then arm, then tongue and throat & it was so scary! My in-laws called the paramedics (embarrassing now, right?) and they couldn't find anything wrong with me, but suggested I go to the local ER for an MRI, so we drove over there and they did some tests, etc...the numbness had gone away so the Dr. said we didn't have to do the MRI but didn't really have any answers. We went back home and I spent the rest of the day in bed...the next day I felt like I do after migraines...so we just figured it was some sort of a weird migraine! WOW...long comment but I just wanted to share - it always makes me feel better when I hear about a similar experience! Glad to know everything turned out good for you + babe, and he is truly so adorable. :)

Morgan said...

Oh my, I can't even imagine how scary that whole experience must have been. You must have been so relieved after it was all over and you were able to meet your sweet little boy. He is really so precious. I love his furrowed brow. So adorable! Congrats again! I'm so so happy for your family.

Do You Think I Am An Automaton said...

What an experience! I am so glad everything is okay with all involved! Good job and I hope to see the little guy back here in DK one day!