Hot Mommy

Hey guys,

You don't get too much out of me on this blog but I figured I would recruit your help.  My sister heard about this contest on the radio where you can enter a picture of a beautiful mom.  So I thought I would enter my beautiful wife, Dayna, in this contest.  The contest is based solely on voting.  They take the average score of all the votes.  Currently Dayna is in first place (from what we could tell).  If you have a minute follow this link and vote for Dayna.  Hopefully it will take you right to her page.  If not you have to go one by one through each contestant.  Luckily Dayna isn't too far back, maybe about 15 or so.  It's a picture of her and Jayne.  

Dayna didn't know about this contest and is a little embarrassed but let's be honest she is the prettiest mommy and deserves some recognition (and an iPad 2). Hopefully you have a minute to cast your vote.  The voting goes until Mother's Day so feel free to pass on the info to anyone.  Thanks for your help.



Kim & Clay said...

I voted. She should win! She really is probably the hottest mama I know.

Courtney said...

I am going to run against her. I will undoubtedly win since people find chubby 26 year olds way more attractive than thin 25 year olds. Dayna has no chance.

Crystal said...

She is Sooooo hot!! She has my vote! And Morgans!! (Morgans only for the purpose of her winning an ipad2 lol)