i have frankenstein for a husband.

steve's bionic foot at his check up today. the "yes" is so they be sure to cut into the correct foot. kind of funny when you think about it, but apparently mistakes like that really do happen.

that metal rail is drilled into his bone.... gross.

the yellow looking nailpolish is just the lovely iodine they put on before surgery. he wasn't allowed to shower until after his check up which is why its still on there. if you're envisioning a stinky smelly husband, you'd be right.

steve had surgery on his toe last friday. it involved screwing in a metal rail to help separate the joint after surgery to make sure the bones wouldn't rub against each other and cause more problems. it also involved roughly 20 stitches after cutting in his foot to clean out cartilage deposits and bone spurs on the joint. talk about a nasty scar in the making. YUM!

its about a 2 month recovery, but the good thing is he'll be pain free when he plays soccer once he has fully recovered (that toe has been bugging him for years). 

steve thinks its pretty cool which is why this has become a blog post. 

so if you're grossed out by this, blame him, not me. 

happy wednesday!


Sara said...

hey! i had almost the same thing! only the rods were all coming out of my toes. tell steve it looks beautiful.

S.DAY said...

Fancy Feet Steve shall be his new nickname!
Call me crazy but I love when my patients have External fixators and I get to do wound debridement on them and clean their pins off. I know, call me crazy. So if Steve needs a good O.T for the job, you know where to find me :)

ashley schmutz said...

that is GNARLY! ewwww.... it looks so painful too! wow. i am so sorry. heal up soon, soccer papa.

Chelsea said...

so sick!
im glad he's getting better though... its not like he needs his feet for soccer or anything.

Alison said...

oh i feel nauseous! seriously. get well soon stevo

Angie said...

How about a warning before posting something like this?! Haha. That was quite a shock! Well... glad he's doing okay! I hope I never ever have to do that myself!

Juliet said...

So glad you mentioned the iodine...before i read that part, i grabbed laur and was like ewwww you need to see steve's toe nails, that's 10 times sicker than the stitches hahah