my little man is 2 months old!

this little boy is the sweetest thing ever. 
he has started smiling and it is awesome.
he still gets up a couple times in the night to eat and i'm usually a little cranky when he does,
but he'll smile up at me when he's done eating as if to say "thanks mom" and i can't help but smother him in kisses and be grateful for the little guy no matter how tired i am.
he is pretty chill and easy going, but sure loves to be held. 
he'll suck on his thumb if he doesn't have his binky in his mouth.
he looks a lot like his daddy as a baby.
he loves to stand on his chicken legs and show off.
he has the most kissable cheeks ever. 
he's stolen our hearts (even jayne's!)

we love you little V!

if you haven't checked out the video below for Project Josh, do so.
A second video will be posted tomorrow recapping his weekend dates!


Kim & Clay said...

I just read your post below and you are such a cute interviewer. And for what it's worth, I think the glasses only add to the reporter effect.

And in these Vinny blessing pics? You look like a babe in that red lipstick. You are one of the few people who can pull it off swimmingly. (did I just write "swimmingly?")

Excited to see ya tomorrow!

p.s. tell me what I can help make. Or I will give myself an assignment. seriously. you have 2 children.

p.s.s. i am thinking if someone for josh. I'll talk to you about her when i see ya.

Rachel Kirkham said...

Ummmmmm I kinda LOVE the red lips! And Vinny is pretty cute too. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!! XO

Courtney said...

Umm... have I stopped being invited to the mom lunches (referring to a comment above)? That's it. I'm going to the next one, just to make sure everyone feels awkward about me showing up unannounced. I rule.

Vinny said he misses me and still hates Jimmer.

Shannon said...

dayn - you look gorgeous in these pics... and vinny looks pretty cute too :). Where is your dress from?

Angie said...

You are BEAUTIFUL! I want to look that good after having two kids!