project find josh a wife

remember this post a while back?

yeah, one big fat FAIL am i right? unfortunately it was around the time we moved out of the country and got pregnant with another baby so it sadly got neglected and eventually forgotten, that is, until now.

we are once again reintroducing this project "find josh a wife" TODAY and you're all invited.

here's how its going to work.

each weekend josh is going to take a girl out on a date.

we will call these girls "emily" so as to keep them anonymous.

any and all of you will have the opportunity to set josh up on a date with a girl that you think he would hit things off with. all you gotta do is email me and we'll make it happen (with josh's own approval of course).

at the end of every weekend i will interview josh via video about his date with "emily" and post them every tuesday so we can all be included on this lovely quest to find our dear friend a wife
 (plus i just think it will be a whole lot of funny).

sounds fun, right?

so tell me:

do you think YOU know the "emily" josh should marry? if so, speak up!


ashley schmutz said...

i officially love you...

Angie said...

Dang it, I really want to see this happen, but I don't know any single gals. I hope you get some takers!