Project Josh Episode 2

a couple days late, but its here. get the inside scoop on how josh's first two "emily" dates went.
excuse my blush overload.
there may just be a special guest appearance at second 32.
and i promise it was not planned (but it did add a special something to win the hearts over, don't you think?)

its not too late to email us if you're interested (or know someone who might be).



Angie said...

I loved this! You are so cute as the "host" for these videos, and it's fun to hear him talk about all the places in Utah to hang out. Brings back memories. Like when he brought up the no left turn I knew exactly what he was talking about, haha. Oh Utah, I miss it. Anyway, I love this and I'm so excited you're getting responses! Yay! Can't wait for more.

S.DAY said...

Oh my word, this is stressing me out and causing a little heart palpitations already! I feel too bad for Emily number 1 and for her to have to hear Josh describe the date is so sad :( I don't really have any suggestions as how to make it less sad for the dates that go bad! But I'm loving it anyway :)