Project Josh Episode 3

round two of "emily" dates discussed over a "cup of tea." 
(winner to guess what it really is gets a cyber high five!)

i even have my reporter glasses on again; i mean business.

not sure who is having more fun with this, me or josh.

hey, whats a girl to do when there is no bachelor/ette on tv right now, am i right?

a special thank you to steve who watched and entertained both rowdy children while this was shot.

can't wait to hear how this week's dates pan out.


do you think you or someone you know is the future mrs. pratt?
email me your (or that someone you know) profile and find out!


carl and em said...

oh my i am loving these!! too funny!

Angie said...

this is too much fun. should i be embarrassed to admit that i've been anxiously awaiting for you to post this video? i was excited when you put it up! keep em coming!